I keep knitting on the back! I keep getting dsistracted and my scarf is all messed up!! GRRR! What a mess!!:pout:

What exactly is the problem with the scarf?

*Edit- Knit when there are vertical v’s facing you, so knit when it looks like this: VVVVVVVVV

Purl when there are horizontal ridges facing you, so purl when it looks like this: ========

You mean knitting when you should be purling?

Look at your stitches. When the V’s are facing you, you should be knitting. When the bumps are facing you, you should be purling.

that can be so frustrating eh?

I STILL do that sometimes, tho definitely not as often as when I first started.

Just remember every knitter has been in the situation at some point. Keep going and you will (over time and practice) not have to focus so much.

Hugs :muah:

What stitch are you using for the scarf? Stockinette(knit on correct side and purl on wrong side) or garter(knit every side)?:think:

I think that the biggest problem is when I end up on the wrong side, I dont notice for a while so I have to un knit quite a few rows. DOH!

A bit of both actually. It is a few rows of each. But now that you lovely ladies have taught me a trick (knit the opposite) it makes sense!