:grrr: I’m sooo irritated! Our Walmart had Chanille Thick and Quick from Lion Brand on clearence for $5 as skein. I bought enough to knit the plush thow on thier website. It turned out really good, but I tend to bind off pretty tight. I gave the edge a tug to shape it, and it ripped!! IT RIPPED! Can you believe it? :grrr: The worst part of this story, is that it wasn’t that bad off shape. I’m probably the only one who would have noticed it. :doh:

I could probably unravel the last three rows and reknit it, but I’m not sure if I want to. Am I being a brat? I was going to use it for a gift, but I just don’t know if I want to give somebody something that may rip on them.

Wow, it ripped?! I wouldn’t want to give it as a gift, either; I’d be worried about further damage just from regular use.

Maybe you should contact Lion Brand to let them know what happened–send photos if you can.

I just emailed Lion Brand. Thank you for the suggestion.

I would consider binding off with a larger needle size…