Grrr vogueknitting

so each day go to my mailbox eagerly awaiting my fall issue of vogueknitting. but no avail its not there. walk to my house grumbling and whining. what’s the use of a subscription if you get it AFTER it been on sale at the store??? I had to call the help line and she said oh it should have been sent you 4 weeks ago. NO DUH. she said she would express mail it to me so at least that appeased me. but seriously this is the second time it happened.

does this happened to anyone else? or anyone else at least in ca?

That must be very annoying!!! Have you heard of the magazine Creative Knitting? It’s really great!

No but i will have to look them up. I just got a subscription to Interweave Knits. I just recieved their fall Issue. Loved it. Lots of good patterns. Just ordered their summer issue from dreamweaveryarns

Cool! I 'll check that magazine out!