GRRR! Mistake in pattern?

I hae re-knit this thingto row 4 several times now & have come up 1 st short each time…anyone in the mood for a challenge?

[size=2](Im not doing it in that weird metallic yarn, btw…I have some lovely alpaca/tencel that Im DYING to have against my shoulders!!)[/size]

I do have to get up early tomorrow. Pooh. I took a quick look and get 17 stitches in the first pattern repeat, but only 15 in the next row.

I’ll look again tomorrow if nobody gets it figured out.

:heart: MUAH! :heart: Thanks, Ingy Louise!!

Im no good with numbers. :frowning:

I did also email Berroco…Im not TOTALLY lazy. :shifty:

Let’s see…

Row 2: K2, *yo, k2tog, yo, (k2tog) 3 times, k2, yo, k3, yo, SSK, yo, k2; rep from * across.

So, from the * you have…

yo ~ -
K2tog ~ 2sts
yo ~ -
K2tog 3 times ~ 6sts
K2 ~ 2sts
yo ~ -
K3 ~ - 3sts
yo ~ -
SSK ~ 2sts
yo ~ -
K2 ~ 2sts

[color=blue]Row 2 total: 17 sts[/color]

Row 4: K2, *yo, k2tog, (k3tog) twice, yo, k1, yo, k2, (SSK, yo) twice, k2; rep from * across.

From * you have…

yo ~ -
K2tog ~ 2sts
K3tog twice ~ 6sts
yo ~ -
K1 ~ 1st
yo ~ -
K2 ~ 2sts
SSK, yo twice ~ 4sts
K2 ~ 2sts

[color=blue]Row 4 total: 17sts[/color]

At first when I looked at it, I got 15 sts for row 4 as well, till I realized the SSK, yo was done twice. I don’t know if that’s where you’re getting hung up but I couldn’t see it for some reason until I looked at it a few times.

Hope this helps.


Oh yeah, also noticed that it says due to the nature of the lace pattern, the # of stitches will vary from row to row, depending on how many yo’s or decreases are done. That might help with some confusion too.

Okay, I just knitted a small sample of this. The lace pattern is for 17sts + 2sts, so I did my sample on 19sts.

Everything was fine, up to and including row 5. The directions for row 5 kind of suck though…to me, it SHOULD read…*P11, P2tog, P2; rep to last 2 sts, P2. The P4 at the end is confusing, they are including the P2 which is part of the *reps, and the last 2 sts to form the P4 that they ask for.

Sorry, getting ahead of you…it’s easier on a 19st sample than on a 108st shawl!!! :lol:

Anywho, hope I’ve helped (and not confused you more!)


Now, SEE? That’s the problem! It says to CO 10[size=6]4 [/size]sts!!! :mad:

Okay, now where did I get the 10[size=6]8[/size] that I mentioned in the above post??? :thinking: This pattern has some kind of crazy vibe about it :lol: :lol: It’s getting me confused and I’m not even knitting it!!!

Good luck! :smiley:

17 x 6 = 102 + 2 = 104

That part is right! :smiley:

It sis not even FUNNY what an idiot I am with numbers! :oops:

That may be the ticket right there.

BTW looking at it again, I did come up with 17 on the second row. I count what you’ll end up with rather than what you start with.

Im not so much counting the sts. on row 4…but I end up with not enough to complete a full repeat. Ya know?

Still? Or have you figured it out?

I havent tried again yet…I cast back on & purled the first row. Im not movin again until SOMETHING happens. :lol:

It all adds up to me. After row 2, you will still have the same # of stitches that you cast on. Then row 3 is a purl row and row 4 is six repeats of what’s inside the *, 17sts each repeat, which adds up to 102 PLUS the K2 at the beginning of the row should bring you to 104sts.

Hi KK,

I counted the stitches for each row at both the beginning and end of each row, and I’m OK through row 4.
Row 5 is funky though, but I think knitqueen’s interpretation of the row 5 directions would solve this.
Then at Row 13 it should say P4, P2tog tbl, P9, repeat between *, then P2.

BTW on Row 4 you USE 17 stitches for each repeat (not counting the K2 at the beginning of the row), but you GET 15 stitches in each repeat at the end which is what you need for Row 5. Row 2 both uses and generates 17 stitches in the repeat, so unless you’re dropping a YO somewhere when you purl Row 3 there should be enough stitches to finish Row 4.

I’m going to do an entire repeat of this on 19 stitches when I get home, just to make sure it really works. The total stitch number and the number between * * are the same from the end of one row to the beginning of the next so it SHOULD work.

KK, I’ll email back tonight if it DOESN’T work. (My computer is at the office, so I’ll have to come back, and will only do that if I find another mistake. Fortunately, it’s only 2 miles from home to work.)

This pattern WILL NOT DEFEAT the combined KNITPOWER of KH!

You have found the BEST :inlove: lacy shawl patterns. Travelling Vines and Cozy and now this one.


:XX: :XX: :XX:


I am going to do the same (just as soon as I finish my chocolate dessert! :heart: :happydance: ).

Must conquer pattern, must conquer pattern…



I did a run-through of the full 16 rows on a sample of 19sts. It all came out fine, and I arrived back at 19sts by the end of the 16 rows in order to start the lace sequence all over again.

Might I suggest you try the same, rather than get frustrated when it doesn’t work out over 104 stitches?? It might be easier to isolate what’s going wrong on a smaller sample too.

Good luck!!

Well…THAT just means Im an IDIOT, then! :verysad:

Seriously, I really truly do-ly appreciate your help and “quality control testing”, Mary and KQ!! :heart:

Maybe Ill try it again tonight…SLOWLY…and without the TV on!! :wall:

I just have NEVER had trouble with a pattern like this before! :??

OK - please tell me what kind of WEIRDO would be a little bit ANGRY when her stitch count comes out RIGHT??


[size=2](The answer would be ME.)[/size]

Kelly dear, I hope I didn’t make you feel bad… :verysad:

I was trying to be helpful, really I was.

How is it going now?? Have you tackled it again??

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