Grrr knitpicks

i love thier prices and products. but not thier ordering/shipping practices.
i placed an order Friday. i live in the same state as KP. My order wasn’t even shipped until today (Wednesday). why would it take so long to fill an order if everything is in stock? :!!!:i had hoped it would arrive today since others have said they ordered and recieved thier orders in 4 days! free shipping and everything. grrrrrrr. not happy at all. i had hoped to dye and start my other nieces socks.:pout:

WOW that really stinks !! :gah: I’ve never ordered from KP, but I always drool over their low prices.

I had an order in with Eddie Bauer (for a dress to wear on 1st anniversary) and after a couple weeks realized nothing had arrived and so I called and somehow or another the order had been turfed and never filled or sent out and I couldn’t even get them to expedite the shipping to me for free !! I would have cancelled but they are one of the few companies that sell TALL.

At least you got your order!! :slight_smile:

i haven’t gotten it yet. i ordered friday and they just shipped it today. oh well. maybe it will get her superfast…:shifty:

Mostly, their free shipping is very slow - they fill priority orders first, I’m assuming. I always try to get to free level, then pay the 10 (:ick:) dollars for three day.

There free shipping is slower. It takes me about a full week to get my order. I just know that now, so I try not to get too antsy about it. everything else about them makes up for it, I think

If your location is correct and you’re in Washington, it’ll be a while until you get your order. You live in the same state as Knitpicks corporate office, but their distribution center is here in Ohio. My understanding is that Knitpicks shipping is very slow to other states, which isn’t entirely their fault, most of that blame resides with USPS. Sometimes I do wish knitpicks would switch to UPS or another carrier.

It appears as though we can’t have our cake (great prices) and eat it too (great shipping). :shrug:

A friend of mine says, “Good, Fast and Cheap. Pick Two. You’ll never get them all!”

Although KP headquarters are in Vancouver, WA, they ship out of the midwest. I learned this the hard way.

Yeah, it’s the free shipping that’s slow. I usually pay for priority even if I qualify for free shipping because it gets here in like 2 days.

Absolutely love my Knitpick Options:woot:. I ordered the complete set plus extra cables of the longer lengths, and most recently the 16s. Though I have a complete set of Addi Turbos; I rarely use them now, but my son has started using them.

Yes, the free shipping is slow but definitely worth the wait. It’s true that free and fast are one in a million.

Elsie W

Sorry, no sympathy here!! I think a week from order to receipt is pretty good. But then, I’m old enough to remember when mail order was STANDARD 6-8 WEEKS!!!

not looking for sympathy, i just don’t get why i ordered in stock items on friday and they didn’t ship until today. oh well.
thanks for the info though, i wasn’t aware there warehouse was in Ohio. so now i can expect it next week. good to know :slight_smile:

I always figure about a week from the time I place the order. I usually only buy small amounts and pay for the lowest amount of shipping. If they used anyone but USPS, they’d probably have to raise their minimum rates to $5 or more, and the free shipping would need to be well over $50.

It seems like a good deal of people have major problems with KP shipping, though I personally have had wonderful shipping experiences (one was free, the other was the cheapest, and they both came in about three days). However, I have horrible problems with their website! It’s the slowest website for me, and I can NEVER EVER EVER get the log-in thing to check-out correctly. This second time ordering from them I just did it over the phone, and it was so quick and painless I’ll definitely do it from now on.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: KnitPicks is lucky that their stuff is so good! lol Cuz otherwise I wouldn’t bother. :doh:But I love me some Options and some KP dpns!! And while I think their cheapest yarn is usually cheap in quality, their mid-priced stuff is just the ticket!

G J, you have a wise friend!

I found that when i used free shipping for stuff i wanted right away it took exactly 14 days (which is the outside time frame they give for their free ship) to arrive. That was when i started paying the extra for the 3 day select which always arrives in two days.

ironically… when i am not in a hurry and don’t pay for the shipping, the order ALWAYS arrives in about 3 days. :roll:

Hmmmm. :?? My sis and I both placed orders on Friday, selected the free shipping option, and I was knitting with my awesome new Options needles last night. :woohoo:

Ive always gotten my orders from KP FAST…and Ive never ever paid for shipping. I always make sure to get to the free shipping amount…hubby likes no shipping charges, and I get a bit more goodies.