Grr I HATE this yarn

Dh wants a hat made out of this yarn that was spun by our LYS.I’m having a hard time doing anything with it though.I think it’s where it’s so fuzzy and uneven.He’s convinced that I can EVENTUALLY make him something out of it.Any suggestions??I’ve got some Top of the Lamb shampoo…what’s that for?

What kind of yarn is it??

um,I don’t know.It’s from wool from their sheep and it’s kind of bulky

Are you using an appropriate size needle for the bulk of the yarn? It would be hard to knit with if you use too small a needle.

Hand spun yarns are often thick in spots and thin in spots. Even Noro Silk Garden is like that. Use the needle appropriate to the thickest part of the yarn. You can use it! Don’t get discouraged. If it’s real fuzzy, just go slow knitting… sometimes fuzzier yarns or loosely spun fibers tend to split easily and cause confusion in stitch count. If it’s a real pain - I’d go with a safe garter stitch scarf and find another yarn in the same palette to make a matching hat. Good luck and post pics of whatever you decide to do with it!