Grr, I hate finding knots in my balls of yarn!

I’m knitting an intricate lace pattern with Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn and in my first ball I had THREE knots!! It was where the yarn was cut so the manufacturer decided to just tie the ends together. Well in a reversible lace pattern, I don’t want the knots showing on either side, so I’ve had to cut each one out and start new, which results in more ends to weave in and quite a bit of wasted yarn :gah:. Does anyone else hate this as much as I do? I’m actually thinking about emailing the company and complaining.

I hate when that happens. I have a ball winder, so I usually wind up a skein of yarn before I use it. That way I find the knots before I start. Of course there are times when I don’t wind it on my ball winder because I am too lazy to get it out and set it up…Murphy’s law…I usually end up with a poorly placed knot!

that drives me crazy. I have to cut the yarn cut off the know, and start knitting with it again. It is such an inconveinance. I think you should complain I am right there behind ya.

I just emailed Lion Brand since I’m very upset.

In that same ball of yarn there was another piece of severed yarn, it just hadn’t been tied in a knot to secure it, it had just been wound loosely into the ball :grrr:.

I am having the same problem at the moment with Freedom Spirit…Already I have got three joins up the side and I am only half way through the skein…Very annoying.

I completely hear you! I think it was here that I learned that technically they are allowed to have 3 knots per skein…

That being said… not very good for the customer side of the equation, eh?

I have found knots in yarns from different manufacturers and that makes me feel so disappointed!!! It is not fair for the costumer. There should be some quality control to regulate knots in skeins of yarn. We do not pay for knots but for yarn. I hate it too. :wall:

Really? I didn’t know that. It’s really irritating, I wish they were a little more concerned with quality.

could you cut the knot out and felt the ends together? That would avoid having another end to weave in. Or is it synthetic?

It’s 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, so I don’t think it will felt together.

I had this same problem with my ball of Noro Silk Garden Lite.
i was happily knitting away and enjoying the colours change from blue to green then BAM a knot. They tied a bright green end to a dark dark purple end. There was no colour varying at all. It totally interrupted the blending. Not too happy. I just left it, it doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look right.

THis is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!!! I’ve taken skeins back to stores and gotten new ones. Hobby Lobby is GREAT about giving you a new skein, but the PAIN of finding the knots while knitting is crap! I buy most of my yarn online cuz there’s not a LYS nearby. I called one supplier of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece since one skein had several knots and wasted lots of yarn and she said she’s set aside another skein in my dyelot for me in case I ran out of yarn. I ended up not needing it, but at least the customer service people were understanding.

I spent time this afternoon googling trying to find “yarn manufactor regulations/specifications/rules” and “Yarn industry Standards.” Naturally I found lots of links and a very funny blog with the writer’s standards to which I was able to say ‘amen’ but… nothing else.

I am fairly sure I read something here… in fact my Google searching brought up several threads from here but none that stated what I have tucked into my brain as fact.

I have been in error before and I would be thrilled to be in error this time!

I think that’s one of the most frustrating things ever! I am finishing up an afghan made in Manos Del Uruguay, which is pretty expensive and I have found at least one knot, if not 3 in each skein. Luckily Manos is Merino and Corriedale wool, so I just felted the ends, but it’s pretty frustrating. You’re paying a lot of money for something and you shouldn’t have to fix their mistake!

Is there ANYTHING worse than a knot in a variagated yarn?!

They NEVER match the colorway up the same and it looks bad.

But any knot just plain sucks! I guess companies do this so THEY don’t have yarn loss and wastage?

It’s not about ‘allowed’ to have 3 knots, somebody would have said they think 3 is the maximum they would expect (I think). Personally I think an average of 3 knots a ball is too high, I have heard people saying more than one knot per ball is where they draw the line. I think you can’t really decide unless you have worked in the factory and you know how these things work, it might not be possible to keep balls knot-free.
I had a 360 gram ball once with a very slow gradual colour change, there were only 2 colours and in the whole 700 m of wool there were maybe 5 sets of beige-pink-back to beige (not as ugly as it sounds). I was freaken SPITTING when I found the colour change abrupt over a knot. The ball was the size of a football/rugby ball and I unwound heaps before I found a similar place to rejoin. No ball winder either. Grrr!

In my experience more than one knot per 50g is unusual.

:think: Maybe this is a crazy idea…but manufactures should set those knotted skeins aside and sell them at a discount. If you pay regular price…you get regular quality. If you pay a discount price, you understand you will get some knots in your yarn.

Oh, I hate when that happens, too. But you know what’s worse? When the yarn starts to unravel as you knit it.

I was given a couple balls of an odd, tweed-like yarn. It seemed to be spun from individual singles of different gauges. (Like, one or two singles looked sport or worsted-weight, and the other two singles were basically just threads.) My tension got wonky and the thin singles got tangled and knotted in themselves when they got separated from their bigger brothers. It was a big huge mess, and I wound up constantly cutting and rejoining the yarns to get rid of the tangles/knots.

I also think you should e-mail/call Lion Brand. Who knows? Maybe they’ll give you a refund.

I’m glad you emailed the company. We as consumers have to voice our dissatisfaction. Maybe if we all complained, they will take more care with their product. One or two knots is ok but to then find a severed piece? That’s poor quality control.

That is an excellent idea! You would know what you were getting so there would be fewer frustrated customers out there. :figureditout: