Growing herbs indoors

I am trying again after a couple of failed attempts and this time I really want to succeed does anyone have any secrets or pearls of wisdom to share on this topic?I have never had a green thumb but this year I am starting fresh with a different attitude about it and I hope it helps.

i would love some imput too! i kill herbs as well, I have sucecsfully kept some chives alive although when i bought them they smelled amazing, and now they have no scent :confused: lol

There is a very friendly forum called garden which has all kinds of good info for gardeners. It is my 2nd favorite site. Ellie:sun:ooops that should be ‘gardenweb forum’

I am not much of a green thumb-but I just wanted to add that for some unexplainable reason the more I ignore certain herbs, the better they do…I live in south central TX though, so ymmv :cool:

Rosemary is a prime example-every single one I planted (and bothered to WATER, and I mean EVER) died. Then a couple years ago I planted some in the back by the AC (really sunny, very hot and dry!) is now 5 times its original size-I just noticed it today, and was shocked because I basically planted it and then forgot it…and it’s doing fabulously.

God’s obviously a better gardener than me :teehee:

Thanks for the link to the gardening site! Sounds like a great place!

Light, water, healthy soil. That’s pretty much it.

Herbs need lots of light. I hear ya though, I kill almost every house plant I have unless I save it by putting it outside.

But I grow herbs successfully in an Aerogarden. It’s cheating, and not what you had in mind, but it works. :slight_smile:

I would love an aerogarden but I can’t afford one right now.

Almost all herbs like sandy well drained soil and lots of light. They don’t like to have their feet wet and most people go wrong by watering them too much. I don’t water mine until they begin to look wilted. Also remember that herbs like to have a regular hair cut. They’ll grow bushier and more abundant when you cut some off to use.

I know they’re not cheap. I was lucky and got mine from mom for my birthday. Maybe you should drop some hints. :slight_smile: I hope you get one eventually, and good luck with your herbs!!

If you don’t have enough sunlight, ie. a south window then growlights may be your only good choice. I am using 4’ growlights in my dining room right now to start annuals even though I have windows on both the east and south side of the house. This time of year there is not enough sunlight to keep sun loving plants happy. Good air circulation is important as well. Don’t overwater and I fertilize at about 1/4 strength every watering.

My kitchen stays sunny most of the day but I think I am going to buy a growlight this weekend or maybe I will look online today I don’t have a lot of money to spend on one any suggestions on where to look?

Lowe’s or Home depot. There are spotlight type that you can use in like a goose neck lamp as well as different lengths of florescent tubes.

Wal-mart has spotlight or shop lights. Last time I bought one it was 9.00 for the light and bulb

I ordered one online today and I can’t wait to get it.

sorry, I gave you wrong information. That should be [gardenweb forum’ Ellie