'Group stitch'?

I’m looking to work on this

It mentions ‘group stitch’ and in looking
found instructions calling it a ‘half treble.’

[I]7. Half Treble Crochet (h tr): Is sometimes called “group stitch”. Having a loop on the needle, throw thread over, insert needle in stitch directed, draw working thread through, draw through two loops, leaving two loops on needle, * thread over, needle in next stitch, draw thread through, draw through two loops, leaving four loops on needle, then draw thread through all four loops.[/I]

I keep coming up with 3 loops for the final part of the stitch instead of 4. It’s worked over 2 sts??

Can someone offer insight? I’m a fairly decent crocheter but having a hard time wrapping my brain around what this is supposed to look like.


I looked at the pattern and the group it talks about is form by the pattern of stitches put together in row 2:
[B]2nd row: (Yarn over, insert hook in first sc and draw loop out to height of turning chain) twice; yarn over, insert hook in next sc and draw loop out as before, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook (a group st made); * (yarn over, insert hook in same place as last loop was drawn through and draw loop through) twice; yarn over, insert hook in next sc and draw loop through, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook (another group st made). Repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn.[/B]

Notice in paranthesis it says a group st is made. I hope it clears it up for you.

Thank you! I finally got that to make sense. Part of the problem was the disparity of instructions from one version of the group st to the other.

Seeing as you were so helpful, might you take a glance at this line:

[I]Starting at straight edge of center section, ch 21. Work as for Rug 15 until 2 rows are completed.[/I]

‘Rug 15’? 15 group sts? Or work across 15 sc (leaving small amt of chain tail)? Obviously 15" would be too wide. The following section of instr mention inc and then dec until 15 sts but the shape of the inner area is like a flattened elipse.

Not sure why my gray matter is locking up trying to make sense of this.


From what I can gather from the instructions as written. “rug 15” just might be referring to another pattern in the booklet. Not a particular stitch or stuff.
O yeah, the “group stitch” is commonly referred to as a “puff stitch” Where you pull up multiple yo’s in one stitch and then close em off with a slip st. Makes a nice poofy stitch. Not quite a popcorn but it’s second cousin twice removed.

K, I went back and reread the thing about 3 more times and I have come to the conclusion to just ignore that silly 15 and just work the first two rows of the seat cover the same as the first two rows of the rug except on the amount of stitches and then continue on to row3 etc. Just ignore the 15.

I considered that the ‘15’ also referred to another pattern. I wandered the web to see if the orig booklet might be posted somewhere (there [B]are[/B] some vintage copies avail) but nothing that showed the contents.

Thanks for the ‘puff st’ mention. My very old crochet sts book didn’t have anything even close.