Group gasped at my KPs

So I went to a yarn shop (one I frequent weekly) and was looking for a contrasting yarn for a project I was working on. Needless-to-say, I brought my project with me so that I could better tell what would work. The YS employees GASPED when they realized that my work was on KPs! What is the big deal? One of the employees told me that she secretly owns and loves her Options set, but that KnitPicks is a bad word in their shop. Now I feel really self-conscious and like I can’t bring any projects to the YS for knit night that aren’t with needles they sell. I didn’t feel so bad about it considering I support the shop and buy oodles of yarn from them. But when they gasped as they did, I was really embarrassed and self-conscious. :waah:

Shame on them for making you feel bad! Especially when you give them your business for other things. Use your KPs proudly and take your projects in with a big smile.

That really stinks and I’m sorry they embarrassed you and made you feel self conscious. Knitters are generally such a wonderful and caring group of people that I don’t understand such caddiness ! My LYS is much the same way so I totally get how you feel - in fact I quit going to knit night b/c the owner is sooo caddy. Someone admired my sock yarn and the owner was bent out of shape it didn’t come from her shop. I clarified that it had been a gift from my mother in NY and not from a competitor, but then she made a generalization about how knit night is for her customers. I have taken classes there and bought plenty of yarn so I was pretty upset. That is why I am sooo happy to have a brand new LYS that opened this week and I will go visit today.
I wouldn’t worry about the the needles and continue to go to knit night. If they say something again just tell them honestly that you love your KP needles.

I would go ahead and bring the projects on Options and if they gasp again ask if they’d rather you not shop with them.

Sometimes it takes a slap upside the head to get businesses to realize what they’re saying.

KPG Tell them to shove it. You knit with what you like and they can just get over it. Do not feel embarassed. I’m KP user and I will gladly show them off.

I’m with Mike here on this one. How crazy is that? I can’t imagine one shop being big enough to contain all of my knitterly needs. I too, love my KP needles.

And you buy your yarn there WEEKLY!? They would be crazy to lose you to being that petty. Bring your needles anyway and be strong! You are absolutely justified to be there.

How odd. I cannot imagine any store, knitting or otherwise, thinking that your only source of goods would be them. You don’t hesitate to wear a different brand of clothing when you shop at a clothing store.

I use my options at every class I take at my LYS and have never felt bad or uncomfortable doing it. That is absolutely an unreasonable expectation!

I’m with the rest of the group! Take them and tell them if they don’t like your needles you can shop elsewhere. How horrible that you were made to feel embarrassed!

Oh for heaven’s sake!!! :!!!: That’s just dumb and they could lose good customers that way! I’m with Mike as well. I’d go in anyway and when they gasp ask them if they’d prefer you don’t shop there at all then?

BTW…not all stores are like that. Sure they want you to buy the products they sell, but most are not so narrow minded that they’d lose a good customer over one item! Case in point - I was at my Knit Night last night and there were 10 of us sitting around the table and SEVEN of us were using Options!

Knitters are very particular about what they like and use. We don’t switch needles to another brand just b/c that is what our LYS sells in their shop. I can’t imagine going to a shop to knit and having them judge me due to the needles I was using or yarn.

Quite honestly, stories like this are way I fear going to the LYS’s in my area and gravitate to the craft stores and on-line. No one to judge me for what yarn I choose or needles I buy.

I know it is not all of them, but. . .I still sort of have this phobia about them and going to knit groups. Maybe I am being irrational, but being so knew to the hobby, and so in love with it, it would really crush me and thwart my confidence in it if I had someone gasp at my project or tsk,tsk,tsk at me.

So. . .stories like these really have more impact than one would think, and LYS’s and caddy ppl should really take this type of incidence and into consideration.

I totally agree with Mike. That is ridiculous! I have to say that I’ve found similar attitudes in a particular LYS here and so don’t shop there. They are really doing themselves a disservice to treat customers that way.

I agree with Mike and everyone else that says to offer to shop elsewhere if they make any more snide comments. Having worked in customer service in one form or another since I was 16, I’m appalled that anyone working in a small store would act like that to a valued customer. I mean, generally, in bigger stores if you threaten to shop elsewhere, trust me, the clerks don’t care, they have enough clientele that WILL shop there no matter what. However, the nature of an LYS dictates that they can’t generally afford to start alienating customers.

In fact, I’m not sure I would wait until it happened again, I might sit and write a letter to the owner describing the incident and letting them know how it made you feel, including that it’s shaken your trust in the store as a whole. And if the owner doesn’t care that the employees acted in such a manner, they have no business being in business.

I never post but have been a member of this forum for a long time. This seems a perfect place to get my feet wet.

I agree with the above poster.
I would send off a note letting them know how they’ve made you feel.
It’s possible, they don’t even realize the affect they’re actions are having on people.
It’s also possible the owner is unaware of this customer alienation.
I would be pretty darn unhappy if my employees were ostracizing customers.

BTW, I just got my set of KP’s 3 days ago… Love Them! :happydance:

i see it this way: if they have such a big issue with you using your KP’s (which i’m drooling over btw!!! but it’s susan bates for me…) then they can GIVE YOU, FREE OF CHARGE a set of their needles.

This is why i don’t go to sewing or quilting classes at my local sewing center… the snottiness when I told them what model my machine was (the “oh… WAAAAAAAAAAAAL MART”… yeah, given i’ve gone through 5 machines i did buy mine at walmart) just means they shot themselves in the foot because i’m now ready to spend 200 bucks on additional parts (feet and needles) for my machine.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had those transporter things like in star trek so we could all get together and have our own knit nights???

I think knitpicks is like walmart, it puts small business’s out of business… or it can. Truth is you could have had yarn in your hand from another shop or an “online store” and it’s pretty much the same thing. That’s awful they gasped, should have kept it to themselves…

If your in their shop and you buy yarn there, then it shouldn’t be an issue. if you came in all the time and only got advice and never bought yarn then I could see being frustrated.

That’s just flat out silly of them.

Knit Picks is like Walmart? I thought it was a relatively small company.

I think the LYS people were rude and I doubt I’d go back. I knit for fun, and I’m on a budget. I don’t need people judging my lack of taste or fiber non-snobbery.

Online stores in general do damage to brick and mortar stores, but that is no excuse for the kind of behavior this LYS exhibited. If you want people to shop you need to treat them nicely. Most of us shop online for a few reasons, price and choice. My LYS isn’t all that expensive, but they don’t have everything and they definitely don’t have quantity within the brands they do have.

i have only gotten stuff from one LYS and sent my mom to investigate it first since she lives closer ( more like it would take me 2 days since it’s in ohio and i’m in texas) They only reason I sent her was to check out their fiber. which I LOVE. They even carry their own yarn line. Since they have a website I placed an order. Well a week went by and I had no order confirmation or anything. So I called and ended up spending an HOUR on the phone with the shop owner talking fiber and teaching techniques.

Since it took them SO long to ship my order(i’m talking 2 months) they gave me all kinds of fiber goodies :slight_smile: I’m talking $30 or so worth of free fiber. I will go back nad by yarn in person but wil not order from them online was not happy about that.

They have moved location but did not post anything at their old store. I had to hunt on Ravelry to find out the new address and hours.

Hi, KPG and everyone! :waving:

One of the things I find that makes life its most pleasant is GOOD MANNERS!

Regardless of the issue, it’s just not polite to treat someone in a way that makes them so uncomfortable. If you had a valued guest in your home, you’d go out of your way to make them comfortable.

How much more sense does it make that when you have a valuable CUSTOMER in your shop you treat them with all the good will and good manners you can. You, and folks like you, are - after all - the source of their livelihood! Geesh!

But then I think a large proportion of the society’s problems could be solved with better manners! :slight_smile:

Not only is it WRONG to steal, cheat, betray, nag, invalidate, etc. etc. etc. - It’s just so RUDE!!!

People are important. You show that by treating them politely. If you don’t, it’s the equivalent of telling them they’re not worth the effort of common courtesy. Maybe they don’t mean it that way, but I can assure you that’s how it comes across.

So when you go in there again, let those [I][B]mean-spirited, ungrateful wretches[/B][/I] know - politely - that you’d be happy to shop elsewhere if your choice of knitting needles offends them in some way! :roflhard: (That was polite, wasn’t it?)

Anyway, good luck!

Ruthie :hug: