Grommets for felted purses

Where do you find the grommets to put the handles through in your felted purses? I’ve felted two handbags and I want to put grommets in them for the handles to go through, but my LYS doesn’t have them.

Thank you for your help.

I found some at JoAnn Fabrics…hopefully you have one in town!

I got my latest batch online (eBay), but Joann online has them also, or in the regular store as Sara said.

You may also want to try a hardware store - I’ve seen them at Ace, assume others have them as well since they use them for canvas toppers and such. I imagine HD, Lowe’s and Menard’s would have them also.

Most fabric stores have grommet kits that include the grommets themselves plus a tool that looks like a pair of pliers. You stick the grommets in the tool, position it on the fabric, and squeeze the handles. It places the grommet in the fabric and makes the hole simultaneolusly.