I have a lovely soft shawl made in Peru from alpaca wool - soooo soft, light, warm…

Will you wear it to the picnic?

Haha - but we do have lama trekking here on the South Downs. Hideously expensive though and you have to walk while the lamas carry your picnic! Lama farming is quite popular here - I took this photo while out on a walk last year. Cute is the word!

Do you grow your own then? Llamas and alpacas are popular here too.

Ooops - dropped a stitch there (actually - an L :aww: ) and of course the “llovelly” ones in the pic are alpacas anyway! I don’t think I’ll be taking up farming them any time soon though, although smallholders near here keep a couple as guards - they are brilliant at keeping foxes out of the chicken runs, apparently! So - they’ll carry your bags, guard your flocks, and give you lovely warm wool too - those Peruvians certainly knew a good thing when they saw it.
Hmmm - wonder if I can knit one…

I’ve not seen a pattern for a Peruvian, you’ll have to make up your own. :wink:

I did have a hairstyle once that my daughters called my Peruvian potato picker head because it looked a bit like those knitted hats with plaits.
I just did some googling though, and look what I found!

Too cute! Boucle scares me.

My Dream: cool climate > 100 acres > an alpaca herd > a spinning wheel…

They are so adorable! I’ve always loved their cute faces, and of course, their fiber.

my favorites are the ‘emo’ llamas and alpacas… with the robert smith/the cure goth hair and ‘i just really need to focus on my art right now’ tagline. makes me think of the ‘south park’ emo/goth kids, railing against wannabes, poseurs, conformists and vampires.

I have to put in a word for our joyful “rasta sheep” Lincoln Longwool. Gorgeous or what? :cheering:

WANT! I’ll keep them on my balcony. :wink:

Their fleeces would make yarn to knit spiral socks?

alan dart has a pattern for a knitted llama that is TOO adorable.

I’ll have to try to find it. we could knit an entire herd between all of us here.

those rasta sheep are gorgeous!

gramercy, is that wha’ts her name, Wallaces love from A Close Shave???

(I’m a wallace and Grommit fan) in your avatar?

It is indeed the lovely Wendolene - I’m a fan too! The pattern is Paton PBN E2361 if you want to make one!

Thanks! I’ll check it out. If there’s a Grommit pattern, I’m adding it to my must-do list.

you enabler, you.

Oh, Wallace and Gromit fan here too. I haven’t thought of them in forever.