Grey's Anatomy

Ok, I am hooked! I have been watching the first two seasons on DVD for the past week (staying up til 2am to watch a DVD a night). I am now going to watch the episodes on tonight so I can get caught up for tomorrow.

I also have to say, I cried more when they put Doc to sleep, than when Denny died.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night… :cheering:

Yes! It’s one of my favorite, do not want to miss, shows!

one of my favourite shows on the TV at the moment, unfortuanetly here in the UK we are only about half way through season 2 at the moment.
i just looove dr mcdreamy :heart: :heart:

Haha, way to burst Debz bubble about Denny. Maybe she missed it though. I love G’s A. It is hands down the best show.

I thought I was the only one! I knew Denny was going to die. I can relate to putting a dog down more than a patient/lover dying I guess.


:noway: You cried more at the dog than Denny? I guess everyone has different reactions! It was really sad for me when he died because he was just sitting there feeling normal for the first time ever, warm hands, new heart and a brand spanking new fiance. Then he just tilts back his head and dies. I can’t listen to the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol without saying DENNY!!! NO!!! LOL! I think the dog was more symbolic than “real” if you kwim.

Anyways, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! What’s Izzy gonna do with that surpise???

Here’s what you do Debz…buy the season 2 set of DVDs and then watch season 3 on! :thumbsup:

everybody you know will be mad cuz you know stuff they don’t!

I am IN LOVE w/ G’s A!!! I just “found it” as they were playing the season two re-runs just before this season began. Fortunately I was able to catch up on season two and now I wait every week to see the next episode…I have to say I was a little disappointed w/ last week’s episode…no sex at all…

I am so into Grey’s… been watching it since the first episode and my knitting alllways takes a back seat to McDreamy… :teehee: [color=darkred][/color]

G’s A is my favorite show! Been watching it since season one as well. My boyrfriend hates it so I get banished to the bedroom (which is ok, cuz its the better T.V :teehee: ). I knit and watch at the same time. Helps me practice my “no looking” knitting, haha. I like Dr. Mc Steamy!! I’ve liked him since he was on Charmed a while back. There is so many awesome things about the show. Dont even get me started… 2 more hours to go, yeah!

I understand that if derek and mer get together and are happy it would be the end of the show, but am i the only one LITERALLY yelling at the tv every episode? I swear, my dumb heart breaks every episode. they have done such a fabulous job as actors, they actutally make me feel the heartbreak every episode. but i still SCREAM my head off every episode! :!!!:

And every week they keep coming up with a new twist, don’t they? :wink:

Clever, those writers…


Yeah, the Meredith/McDreamy story line is getting a bit ridiculous. Last season they do the nasty, he tells her he’s in love with her. Then he decides to walk away and didn’t care that she broke it off with McVet. He just jerks her around, and I thought Chris O’Donnell was MUCH cuter. McDreamy doesn’t do it for me. I liked McVet and McSteamy better!

Looks like George has messed it up with Callie. Oh well, he’s just not that into her, and she knows it.

I just started watching the show about 2 weeks ago due to my manager having season 2 on dvd in the breakroom at work so I watch it now!! I haven’t been watching in order though due to other people picking shows.

McDreamy walked away from her when she said she broke up with Finn because he just found out that it was more than just a one night stand b/t Addison and Mark. I think it was just too much for him to handle and would need some time to think about things. I think he handled both news rather well. I think he’s very hott (with two t’s haha) and then my manager pointed out that he’s old enough to be my dad… :-x :verysad:

I dunno, I didn’t like Callie from the little I’ve seen of her. I also think it’s cute and sad at the same time that George didn’t realize that she broke up with him in the last episode.

But then there’s the previews where it looks like McDreamy is doing the nasty w/ another girl…what’s that all about…or maybe it’s just made to look that way???

I agree–keeping McDreamy and Mer chasing each other is one of the points that keeps people coming but I yell at the show too…

dh hated the show but really liked the Callie/George thing so he’d watch it from time to time. he liked, and I agree with him, that Callie isn’t a 7 ft. tall supermodel type and she’s still rather sexy.

Anyone hear that George just came out in real life to say he’s gay?

Yeah, he came out because of that fight that Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey had on the set. It’s possible IW will be on his way out and by the way they’re writing Burke’s hand problems, could be there’ll be a new Doc at Seattle Grace…


ooooooooooh did you see the preview for next week’s GA??

Is it a new one next week?

fiiiiiiiiiiinally yes!

Well it’s about :!!!: time!!!

They have been playing reruns for the past two weeks of House and Bones!!! I can’t wait until next week. :cheering:

I sooooooooo love GA. I actually bought the first season at Target for $8.99 right after Thanksgiving. Now I just need season 2!