Grey's Anatomy (Spoiler)

Did anyone see Grey’s Anatomy last night? I was glad to see the Mer/Der trainwreck come to a screeching halt. Or has it?

I am so dissapointed with George not talking to his mom about any of the stuff that’s been going on. I know men don’t ‘run to mommy’ when stuff happens, but that’s crazy. She knew NOTHING.

Do you think Mirandah will choose career or family? Sounds like she threw her husband out of the house!

I am happy as well about the derailment of the Mer/Derrick saga. It’s getting way too old in my opinion!
It was kinda sad that George had not told his mom, but then I would have probably been the same way. But I love his mom!! She’s soo kool knitting all the baby clothes!!
Ok I missed the portion of the show where they brought Tuck in; what happened to bring him in? Not knowing what happened, I can only assume that he left on his own accord and not because Miranda said to leave… but then like I said; I missed a portion of it.
I am really tired of the Izzy/Christina tug of war. It’s getting old old old! But I do like Dr. Hahn. It seems that she would like to date McSteamy, but has some good work ethics!! LOL

I was happy Derek told her off. yes, he didn’t tell her he was married. but since then he has tried so hard to be so good to her, yet she shuts him out. I’d be tired of it, too.

sad about Bailey and her marriage.

I like the Callie/Hahn/Sloan buddying going on.

Meredith is a WHINER and I’m tired of her.

I didn’t see the end (but I have it recorded), I understand Miranda is upset but she is being SO UNFAIR to her husband. It wasn’t HIS FAULT!!!

I just LOVE this show, although I do admit some of the sotry lines get a bit tiresome.

I still watch this show all the time… but it used to be so funny. Now it seems so “dark”. I wish they would go back to the way it was the first season.

I bet we have not heard the end of Mer/Der… last night was just a fly in the ointment…IMO!

I don’t think Bailey kicked her husband out, he was pretty ready to leave even before the accident.

I highly doubt that we have seen the end of merder. They will have awkward sexual tension for another 6 years and they will get back together at the very last moment, just as has been done on numerous other shows.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the episode. All of the critics and reviewers kept saying that it was going to be a huge emotional rollercoaster rivalling the ferry episodes, but I just didn’t feel it.

I don’t like the Meredith character. At all. Nothin’ about her. She seems so fake.

Yeah, GinnyG, I agree with you…Meredith is a COMPLETE WHINER, and I am so waaaay tired of her character. I wish they’d just let her drown back a few months ago. But, afterall…it is called GREYS ANATOMY. Ack. Are we just stuck with her forever then!?

My TOP 2 favorite characters: Bailey and Christina!

Bailey didn’t kick her hubby out. He blames her for leaving the baby gate open when she went in the office to leave him the note. I believe he left of his own free will.

As for Georgy, I think he should have at lease told his Mother that he and Cali had split up. Imagine all those baby clothes and no marriage, let alone a baby!

As for Grey and McDreamy, OMG will they get their shit together and just get on with life? BORING…

As for Hahn, she seems to be the only professional in the whole crowd! Yes, she is a robot, but sometimes you have to be in order to protect yourself from the daily hussle and hassle.

IMHO this was NOT a very good program and we are told it is the last new episode before the writers strike is over. Perhaps we can blame the horrible program on “scab” writers?

This was written before the strike, but maybe not produced before it and needed some clean up which it didn’t get.

I haven’t seen the show since early November I think! I feel like I’ve missed out on so much.


IMHO…Bailey’s husband is a jerk, and was already making his case to leave her way before the baby gate incident.

Men! They want working wives, but don’t want the wife to be at work. Doh. Will they make up their minds already?

No need to pout or whine you can watch it online

I am certain Mer/Der are not over. I hope Bailey and her hubby can work things out. Can’t this show have one couple work it out? [I]Seriously! [/I]
I loved last season when Bailey was being “the Nazi” all day at the hospital and then called home to sing for her baby.
They all are getting a lot more whiny aren’t they. I’m still not sure how I feel about Hahn.

I miss Addison :frowning: I really enjoyed her on GA, but I really don’t like the spin off at all. I’ll be surprised if PP isn’t cancelled before the end of the season