Greyhound Sweater #2

Finally done and being mailed today!!! Don’t mind the strings in the photo, I was just so glad to have it off my needles I hadn’t tucked them in before snapping shots.

Now I have to get #3 done and get a whole bunch of other stuff done too for Xmas. Man, I could use a week off of work to just stay at home and knit!!!

It is cute, and the dog is even cuter

like the cable and bobbles

:thumbsup: Looks Great!!

I love the sweater and I love the Greyhound! I was literally just talking to my bf about maybe getting one.

That’s so cute - where do you mail them to?
I want to make our new boxer baby a sweater b/c she has no fat or underfur to keep her warm like the huskie but not so sure the hubby would go for it…

It’s great!
I love it–the puppy looks so comfy in it…

Oh how cute! That’ll keep a doggie warm for sure.

Thank you!!! That’s my Maddison, or Stinkerbelle. She’s the model and inspiration for all of my Stinkerbelle Sweaters. I sell them to other greyhound owners and part of the money goes towards getting other greyhounds off the track and into good homes. We’ve had Maddie for 6 years now, she’s a really excellent doggie. Of course, all she does is sleep all day. They say they’re the biggest couch potatoes, she is!!!

That is toooooooo CUTE!!! Puppy looks very cozy!!! :inlove:

What a sweet looking pup! My dog’s name is Maddie, too.

Best name in the world for the best dogs in the world.

cute sweater and puppy!!! what a good cause, that’s very generous of you

Love the name of your sweaters… :rofl: The sweater looks great.