Hi everyone,
My name is Samantha, and I started “knitting” (if one could call it that) a year ago when I was 16, and kinda forgot about it until this year when my friend wanted to learn how knit, so naturally I volunteered to help him with the basics. To be completly honest, I don’t remember any terminology or styles of knitting and whatnot, I just know how to do the basics, and I’m happy with it, but I do want to learn how to do more than just scarves :slight_smile: I’m hoping by joining this forum I can essentially improve. My mother is a master knitter, so with the combined forces, I’m sure to succeed! lol. At least, one can hope.

wonder twin powers activate!!

welcome, you’ll certainly find all the help you need right here :waving:

Bonjour et Bienvenue :waving: :waving:

How are things in my favorite Honeymoon spot? What part of Quebec are you from?

You’ll get all the help, support and enabling that you need on this site.

Nadja xxx

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:
I’m in Montreal.
I find it a bit humerous that I was born and raised in Montreal, and I still can’t speak proper French, heh.


i’m self taught - thanks to the videos and kind knitters on this website. :slight_smile:

good luck!

Thats ok I can’t speak proper French either. :teehee:

Nadja xxx

:happydance: welcome! :happydance:

Welcome along! :waving: