Greetings from Stratford Ontario area!


I’m from the Stratford, Ontario area in Canada.

I’ve been knitting for just over 5 years now. I’ve made a few sweaters, ponchos, numerous scarves, slippers and pairs of socks… and have a list of requested items that number in the teens…

Ultimately I am a crafter, but in the past 3 years have found myself really enjoying knitting to the point of seriously considering getting rid of all the other materials and supplies around our home!

I’m 30 y/o, married nearly 9 years, mother of 2, and a Home School Mom. Activities I enjoy when I get the rare moment are reading, knitting, sewing (yes with one of those machine things), scrap-booking, painting (both the finer things and rooms :smiley: ).

Naturally, things I don’t enjoy are … House-work… etc… :rofl:

I started knitting after my daughter’s birth, out of a kind of desperation. I really wanted this sweater but it cost $100, and that was as attainable as the moon! Also, my husband has worked nights as long as I have known him and being stranded on a farm with only chickens or a toddler and infant left me craving something peaceful!

I had inherited my Grand-mother’s knitting needles and some cheap yarn so I thought I would learn how. I did… 1 scarf knitted 30 times over…

The next winter it was slippers. I made about 30 pairs!

The following winter I made 3 sweaters and the poncho… and my list of requested items grew.

Anyhow… I came to this site because it was recommended by others. I tried my hand at the double knitted pot-holder thing. Really neat…

Also I decided to learn Continental over the Throw method, so the pot-holder was MC in Continental and Alternate in Throw. Turned out well enough to make a pair as part of a wedding gift.

What do I want from here? I :shrug: I think it will be nice to hang around with other’s who get knitting and don’t make fun of me!


Believe me, we all understand the quirks of knitting. This is the one place you can come and actually admit that you have yarn stuffed in the sleeves of the winter coats and people smile and nod.


I am in Meaford Ontario!!! Very happy to see you here!


Welcome! That’s great that you homeschool your kids - I’m a homeschool graduate (and college grad!). You’ll love this forum!

Thanks for the welcome…

I had to go look of Meaford, because I know I have heard of it before. I believe my college room-mate’s brother married a girl from Meaford. I know that is kind of hard to follow.

Hi Birdy! Oooh, I love Stratford! I’ve been there twice and have driven through it another time on the way to my husband’s cousin’s house. My husband is from St. Catharines and he’s got family scattered all around Ontario (and beyond, but mostly Ontario).

Anyway, welcome! It sounds like you are well on your way to a nice little obsession.

Hi Birdy…

Iam a close neighbour from London, Ontario :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group, we are a friendly bunch around here, so no need to feel isolated.


:cheering: hello… a farther neighbour from Windsor! Welcome! I LOOOOOVE Stratford. I went there for a performance of Romeo and Julliette with my gr 12 drama class. All those hills and shops… so wonderful! (tho tiring!) lol.

You’ll love it here, it’s just as addicting as knitting! :heart: :heart: :heart: