Greetings from borealowl:

Just to say hello from a new member in Alaska. I learned to knit many years ago and just got back into it in the past few years after doing other crafts, sewing, quilts, spinning,etc. Now I find it hard to put the needles down. Got inspired by a woman I met at the laundromat with beautiful multicolor rag rugs. Hate crochet so I started knitting and made several, many socks, a few sweaters,etc. Current wip are a plain green garter stitch rug ( for my mindless knitting ) and a Lopi cardigan hoodie in brown. Pewter buttons with bearpaws on them. Happy New Year to everyone.

Welcome borealowl!!! Glad you’re here! I hope you meet all kinds of new friends here. I have never been to Alaska, but have always wanted to visit.


Welcome to Knitting Help!

Howdy from Texas! You’ve obviously been busy! I hope to see some pics of your projects soon. I love to see things folks are working on. It inspires me.

Welcome to the fold!

Welcome from VA! You’ll love it here. Glad you’ve rediscovered knitting again!

Welcome from Louisiana! This is a great site!! :cheering: