$&%(**@( green sweater

had to frog again today. BUT.

the sleeves are up to my elbows.

so apparently, there is hope it might by completed before the year is up.

maybe even before I completely lose my sanity.

Its’ going to be too big, because I’ve lost a fair bit of weight since I started. It’ll still work, because its a loose relaxed style.

but I have NEVER been so aggravated by anything so simple. EVER.

On a good note, I just got in from a meeting, and a neighbour has left fresh green beans on my door knob.

they are remarkably alike in colour. green beans, green sweater.
Coincidence? I think not.

Getting the sleeves finished will be an achievement. You’re almost there.
You definitely have to post a photo of this one!

Oh, there will be pictures.

I’m getting a new camera in a couple of weeks, so be warned! :smiley:

(we have a GREAT little camera shop in the neighbourhood, and he carries the coolest little microscopes in funky colours. I WANT one. What for, I have no idea. )

I am now up past the ELBOWS!!! another 4 inches, and I can decrease and shape the cap.

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

and it’s not a train.

I’ve been following your travails on this one and I’m looking forward to seeing pics of your success! It’s getting closer, hang in there! :slight_smile:

thanks! I really appreciate all the support here.
in the meantime, I’ve got three other sweaters on the go, ALL started recently, and all in the last stages of doneness.
I made it through 5 rows of the sleeves today, without problems. I had to stop when a couple of the cats came to “help” me out. Funny, they don’t seem to notice when I knit other objects.

I must give off please help me vibes or something. :smiley:

now, off to the mountain brow to watch fireworks over the bay, and maybe as far away as Toronto. It’s Pan Am closing ceremonies.

Glad I’m not the only one needing to do a lot of frogging. You’re doing well if you’ve got several sweaters almost completed. Your neighbour sounds like he/she has a wonderful sense of humour lol.

Hope the fireworks were good.


the fireworks were FANTASTIC!!!

The brow was packed with people, cars filled every spot, and it was strangely quiet. Everyone was just in awe. total silence. lots of big smiles.

I’m getting towards the end of the sleeves. there is hope for this sweater.