Green Sage Swrirl Hat (Thick and Quick Yarn)

Hey girlies!! Well Im Addicted to the swirl!! Here is my Heavy Winter Thick and Quick Warm Hat!! I love it!! I decided to try it out with a bulky yarn…

Let me know what you think!

Love that swirl! :thumbsup: Great job!

That’s a beautiful hat!

Every time you post a picture of yourself I grin right back at you!


I must have 100 teeth in my mouth. The size of my smile NEVER ceases to amaze me lol!!!

I love that swirly too! Is it Odessa without the beads?

It is the odessa without the beads…this pattern you can use any yarn…with a cast on in multiples of 10…

can yo image a baby hat and and sock set in that pattern…oohhhh it would be adorable

Pretty! I love that color!

I love it! I need to make one of those…yours always look so great.

ah, and I agree about the smile - yours is quite contagious! :smiley:

I love that hat! Where did you get the pattern?

Cute, cute, cute.
Reminds me of a 20’s flapper girl cap!
That makes you, super cute flapper girl! :muah:

Great Work! I just love that hat! Sooo cute!
What pattern is that? I love it!
And I love working with that chunky yarn- it’s done in about a minute! Right now, I hate working with skinny yarn 'cuz it takes f o r e v e r…

BTW- Awesome smile! Keep it up! :sun:

Another fabulous hat!! You and your son are going to be the warmest folks in town! :cheering:

here is the pattern

Odessa hat pattern
Plain round: *ssk, k6, yo, k2, repeat from * until the end of round.
Beaded round: *ssk, k3, BK1, k2, yo, k2, repeat from * until the end of round.
Before you begin, string 150 beads onto the yarn. As you knit, gently move them towards the other end of the ball as needed.

Using US 4 (3.5 mm) circular needle, cast on 110 sts. Join into round, being careful not to twist stitches. K3, p2 all the way around until work measures 1” / 2.5 cm from cast-on edge. K2 sts and place marker. The marker (not the tail of the yarn) is the beginning of all future rounds. Switch to US 6 (4 mm) needles. Begin Odessa hat pattern: work 2 plain rounds, *1 beaded round, 3 plain rounds, repeat from * until work measures 5.5” / 14 cm from cast-on edge.

Begin hat decreases (switch to double-pointed needles when there are too few stitches to stretch around the circular needle). Repeat each line of instructions for the entirety of one round.

  1. ssk, k4, BK1, k1, yo, k2 (110 sts remain)
  2. (sl1, k2tog, psso), k5, yo, k2 (99)
  3. ssk, k5, yo, k2
  4. sl1, k2tog, psso, k4, yo, k2 (88)
  5. ssk, k3, BK1, yo, k2
  6. (sl1, k2tog, psso), k3, yo, k2 (77)
  7. ssk, k3, yo, k2
  8. (sl1, k2tog, psso), k2, yo, k2 (66)
  9. ssk, k2, yo, k2
  10. (sl1, k2tog, psso), k1, yo, k2 (55)
  11. ssk, k1, yo, k2
  12. (sl1, k2tog, psso), yo, k2 (44)
  13. ssk, k2 (33)
  14. ssk, k1 (22)
  15. ssk (11)

Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Thread the tail through the remaining 11 stitches, pull the hole closed and weave the tail on the inside of the hat.

I LOVE it…I think that this one is my fave…I really like the color :cheering:

Love that! I gotta say though, your smile just brightened my day! Nice work.