Green hat I made

This is a hat that I made for myself while I was in recovery for my foot surgery (i have a screw in my left big toe. I got it put in on the 10th of December) The yarn is Simply Soft Shadows in Dark Moss.
This was the first hat that I made for myself and the third hat that I had ever made. The next one that I made was a purple one for my sister. Hopefully, she will have a friend take a picture of her in it.

Oooooh - that is really nice. I love the colors - what yarn did you use? You did a great job and hope you are feeling better.

[FONT=‘Times New Roman’][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkolivegreen]Your hat is lovely. I love green. It’s my signature color.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Pretty! :inlove:

I hope your toe is better!

I love green too. Good job on your hat; it does look mossy and soft. Take care of that toe.

A GREAT BIG :hug: for you, I have 11 ounces of surgical steel in my left ankle and foot and can really sympathise! Poor baby, right before Christmas, too.

The hat is lovely, love the color. Hope you and your toe feel better soon!

Great hat! I hope you’re feeling well now.

Lovely hat! I wish you a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

Pretty hat! I love the colors, and I’ll bet it’s really soft and warm. Hope your foot is healing well.

:hug: I hope you feel better soon…it looks great and love the colorway!!

Lovely hat it really suits you…take care x

I learned to knit while recovering from surgery too - it was very therapeutic. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern for your adorable hat? It’s nice to see how well that yarn knits up - I was curious.

Pretty colors. Looks good! :thumbsup:

Great hat! The colors are pretty.