Green Gable FO

I finished my Green Gable! Pic and a bit of description is on my blog’s latest post:

Such a fun sweater to knit. I might make another one soon.

It looks really nice! Great job! :smiley:

Beautiful job! It looks fabulous on you!

It’s beautiful. I am severely tempted to get this pattern, the FO’s I’ve seen so far have been beautiful!

that looks great! i’m inspired - i’m definitely making this!

:smiley: beautiful!!!

It looks wonderful on you!! Great job!

Great looking sweater! :thumbsup:

It’s very pretty, wonderful job!! :thumbsup:

The sweater looks really wonderful :thumbsup:
Must not add more to my to-knit-list…


That’s lovely work, you should be proud.

Good news about Colorado too!

That is beautiful!! :thumbsup:

Wow that is beautiful. Congrats to you! It fits you perfectly!


Thanks for all the nice comments! I’m going to wear it to my knit group tomorrow. I loooooove Cotton Fleece!

It looks great on you! Awesome job! Wasn’t it easy, and fun? Well…easy, at least.