Green Beret

I Have had the Beret hat finished for a while now. It has many mistakes in it. As you all said just finish it and I did. Now I can stop worring about it. Not one of my best jobs, but what the heck :lol:
I think I have figured out the picture posting thing too. It only took me 3 mo’s to figure that out. I hope it don’t get worse as I get older :roflhard: :roflhard:
I’m going to try to post a picture of the hat I made for my G.D. too.

The beret looks wonderful. I’m sure you’re the only one who can see the mistakes. And that hat on your little beauty is great, too. :thumbsup:

Very cool! Both look great- I love the beret! Where’s the pattern from and what yarn did you use?

Both hats look great! Thanks for sharing pics. Your granddaughter is too cute, those are great colors for her! I don’t see any mistakes in the beret, personally, I think it looks fabulous. :slight_smile:

Ingrid, Your to kind :wink: but I thank you anyway. I have been lurking around on here for a while now. I have got more help from your words of wisdom. Thanks…

The pattern is one I got at my LYS two years ago. “Sirdar Country Style” # 9446. The yarn is Sirdar Country style DK. kelly green. Thanks for the compliment. If you look under the post RIP-IT you can see why I was glad to get over this hat :rollseyes:

Wow, You guys sure make me feel better about this hat. I might just try to make another with smaller wt. yarn. The hat feels kinda heavy and big on. You are all very encouraging and I love this forum. :heart: