Great $$ What do you do with them?

What do you make with Lion Brand Trellis, Incredibles, Boucle or Suede? $1 is hard to beat.

Wow! Where did you find a deal like that? Lion has tons of free patterns and you used to be able to sort them by yarn but they changed their site so I’m not too sure how you sort them now.


Don’t know about others, but I find them hard to work with.

I made a sort of triangleular shaw/scarf with Trellis - it really was a nightmare to work with. I will never, ever buy a ladder yarn again.

I must confess I surcombed to the $1 Incredible myself - I have about 4-5 balls of it but havn’t used it yet.

I haven’t used the other 2. I did see a really cute baby hat with Suede, looks like a panda bear head. If I could find the right colors for $1/ea I’d probably make that. Or if other colors would make a different animal, that would work too. It’s a lionbrand pattern.

I would definitely go to and search for their patterns for these yarns. I’m sure they still list patterns by yarn type.

Nothing. For me, even at that price, they would be a waste of money. Trellis and Boucle are no fun to knit with; Suede is hard on the hands and doesn’t come out looking anything like its namesake. I haven’t knit with Incredible but I’d be tempted by a tape yarn for bags or a short-sleeved top. Then again, a 100% nylon top would be pretty sweaty.

If I were looking for $1 yarn, I’d go to and pick up some Cervinia Genova, a sportweight made-in-Italy acrylic; Cervinia Sorrento, an acrylic worsted in heather colors; or Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.

I made a shrug with incredible. Gave it to Goodwill.

on knitty gritty i think she used the suade to make some baby uggs once…

The Dollar Store in my area has been carrying a lot of those novelty yarns recently. Personally, I don’t like working with the boucles and the suede just doesn’t do it for me; so they would be a waste of money for me too - even at a $1 a pop.
I acutally bought some fun fur for $1 probably a year (or more) ago. To date, I’ve never use them - but that’s just because I haven’t gotten around the teddy bear pattern that I was going to use it for. :oops: Heh.

Thanks for all of the advice. I was afraid it might not be the best to work with. My blood pressure is already high so I think I will pass. Did buy the black stain glass fun fur to make a chemo cap with, after seeing someone’s fo.

Here are some options for you. Sometimes, I like to use the patterns on the Berroco website, instead of the Lion website, because I like their patterns better. I just look for a yarn that is similar, and see what they have available.

[B][U]Lion Brand Trellis[/U][/B]
You can hold this yarn together with another yarn, and make a very pretty scarf. It works very well with mohair. It also makes a nice accent on shawls.

Here’s a picture that shows a scarf with ladder yarn added:

Ladder yarn makes a pretty scarf all by itself too:

[B][U]Lion Incredible[/U][/B]
Scarf, Accent Rows on a Shawl, Handbag
There is a nice pattern for a top that would work well with ribbon yarn, held together with a bulky wool:

[U][B]Lion Boucle[/B][/U]
Chunky Turtleneck Sweater
Slipper Socks

[U][B]Lion Suede[/B][/U]
Cute Froggy Baby Hat

Good luck! :thumbsup: Cheap yarn is FUN! :cheering:

There might be hope for the $1 specials after all. :happydance: I found these at the Mighty Dollar. Thanks for the links Shandeh. A new website for me.

You’re welcome, Melanie! :hug:

A few weeks after I started knitting (almost 2 years ago) I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of fancy fur, trellis and incredible. After way too many long, skinny, furry scarves and a failed attempt at a baby cardigan with incredible, all of it’s just sitting in my stash…
i will never again use ladder yarns like trellis. I got about 2 rows into a pattern with some then decided that it was NOT worth the effort.