Great Weekend!

I just had to share what a nice weekend I had.

  1. Got to drive my husband’s brand new Jeep Liberty while running my errands! Twice! Love that new car smell.

  2. Had $20 in Kohl’s Bucks so I went to get a new bra that last weekend was on sale for $29 (figured I’d pay $9 for it this weekend). Bra was on sale for $15.29 - so I got 2, and with my $20 coupon I paid $10.90 for 2 bras!!! (I know you guys out there won’t be able to understand, but that’s a REALLY good deal!) I saved $47.

  3. Had a “thank you” coupon for $25 from the spa where I get haircuts, spa services, etc. Went to pick up a Bare Minerals foundation refill (normally $25) and got it absolutely free - didn’t even have to pay tax on it. Score!

  4. Got home and went through the mail. Through the contest I entered, I won tickets to a movie pre-view for Wednesday night that my hubby and I wanted to see! Double Score!

  5. Was VERY domestic (for me anyway) and cooked 2 nice little cornish game hens for dinner Saturday night and actually took the time to then make homemade soup. And it came out nice. I’m usually not good at that homemade-soup thing.

  6. Our Ohio State Buckeyes won their game against Illinois on Saturday.

  7. Our NYGiants won their game against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

  8. Got together with my sister on Sunday to watch the Giants game and teach her a little more knitting stuff. (She recently asked me to teach her how to knit - Yeah!).

  9. Started my first fair isle project and I’m actually doing well on it!

I can’t believe how many things went right this weekend. :woot: The odds of that happening are enormous.

Just thought I’d share.

If you had a bad weekend, I’m sorry, and I send all my good mojo your way so this week will be a good one for you.

Wow, you really DID have a great weekend! I’ll take some of that mojo if you don’t mind! Mine wasn’t exactly stellar (though there were [I]some[/I] good parts!) and today has started off exactly… AS. A. MONDAY! ugh!


Rock on, sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

:woohoo: I hope nobody tries to make you pick what the best thing about your weekend was…I’m pretty sure that would be impossible!:teehee:

Thanks for sharing:cool:

That’s kind of easy to pick, really. It’s winning the movie tickets because I get the joy of winning the contest and THEN I get to go to the movies for free with the hubby! It’s a 2-fer!

is happily receiving the good mojo!! I needed some! LOL!

Glad for you that your weekend was so spectacular! May your mojo continue, and increase!!!