Great sock yarn online?

Hey everyone! Whenever I’ve done my shopping for beautiful sock yarn, it’s been at my LYS - but I’m back at school now. The only sock yarns I’ve purchased online are from KnitPicks, and that’s not exactly what I want.

I’m planning to make several pair of Monkey socks for really wonderful people. And I’m looking for some pretty nice sock yarn, maybe handpainted or something cool like that. I’m not looking for variegated yarn, but I do look a really nice tonal variation. I’m specifically looking to make a pair in blues, a pair in yellows, and a pair in reds. (The primary colors thing is just a coincidence. lol) My preference is definitely to be mostly wool with some nylon, but I’m okay with some other stuff thrown in as well. And since they’re gifts, I want it to be superwash. So do you guys know where I can get some extremely pretty sock yarn, with beautiful subtle color variations, online and somewhere in the $15/hank range (Okay, okay… 20 bucks if it’s just.that.good.)?

Thanks! I appreciate it very much :smiley:

Check out It’s people who handmake things to sell and I’ve found some gorgeous sock yarns. :slight_smile:

Here’s some and you get free shipping!

I saw this yesterday on – looks yummy. About 546 yards for $18 sounds pretty good to me.

Wow! I just ordered my red and my blue from that Little Knits place! And I’ll be able to make more socks with the leftover yarn, because I love anklets.

Win-win! :smiley: