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I stumbled on this site the other day and was totally hooked on the video. It is very informative. I started knitting at around age 12 and gave it up for many years started again in my 30’s and gave it up again. Now 48 I have started again and am really enjoying it!! I picked up a book from the library yesterday and and it has Entrelac Technique in it and I am very interested in it but can’t seem to get the hang of it. Would love to see a video instruction on this. Looking for help and ideas and making some new knitting friends!!


:waving: Welcome!!!

Nadja xxx

That’s how I got here 4 months ago. Welcome ! :waving:

:waving: Welcome!

Hi and welcome! Glad to have you with us.

hey there, i am a couple of days old myself and am LOVING this place!! :muah:

i am working on market squares bag at the moment, all i have left to finish are the handles then off to be felted!!!

i just learned the entrelac technique after having taken a workshop last year and just not getting it. a friend treated me to a private lesson for a birthday gift. WOW, what a difference having individual attention made.
i have only been working on this bag for 3 weeks and its almost done!!!

i’ll try and get a picture up here and if i can help u in anway just let me know…

good luck!!!

debby xxx

thanks debby: looking forward to seeing your bag. I tried again the other day I and think I might have it other than my one side was rounded not straight so I think that I am pulling my stitches too tight :wall: But I will keep trying til I get it :hug:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!

Hi! ohhh entrelac looks so, um attention requiring. Let’s see, how can I say that better! :??


eheheheh victoise…

i thought the same thing about entrelac, it was a bag that i saw completed at a stitches east conference in lobster pot yarns that made me interested enough to give it a whirl. i wanted to buy the bag from the vendor, but she refused offering instead to sell me the yarn so i could make it myself. i said, naaahhhhh. but i thought about that bag so much i eventually contacted her and bought the yarn online and the rest is history! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

debby xxx