Great sale at Target

I found knitting needles and balls of yarn at Target today for a dollar apiece. The needles were bamboo, available in just a few sizes – 4, 5, 11, 13. There were several different types of yarn – a worsted, boucle, a fun fur – as well as little ring-binder booklets geared toward each type of yarn that each had four different projects, including bookmarks, scarves, a purse, and an iPod case.

Such a deal – and might make a nice little gift for someone…

Ive never seen yarn (or ANY crafting supplies) at Targets here! :verysad:

[color=blue]Here either :crying: . Kelly I have about 6 inches done on my scarf (just not enough time to knit! lol) and am wondering… did your edge (cast on edge) look even? Mine is a little “wiggly” lol. Thanks, anne :XX: [/color]

Well, since you start with what pretty much amounts to ribbing, I think its natural for it to look a little wiggly. Mine doesnt now, because I bound the sides together and added tassels.

My Target doesn’t have any either. Although, they do have a small amount of knit kits. But I haven’t seen those for a while anyway.

yeah mine had knit kits on clearance a while back for bikinis… :rollseyes:

i did, however, get my sewing machine from target!

Thanks Kelly! :cheering:

i saw those. you’re right :rollseyes:
i got my sewing machine from Target also… I :heart: it!!!

The yarns and needles were in an area at the front of the store with very cheap, very seasonal items – back to school supplies, hair ornaments, football-season themed plasticware, earrings and rings, incense burners, rayon beaded scarves – all selling for a dollar each.

We have 3 Targets in my immediate area, and two of them had completely different stocks of yarn, while the third didn’t have any knitting supplies at all…

The yarn, needles, booklets and yarn at Target can be found at the front of the store in the Dollar section. I bought two booklets but left without the needles and yarn. The yarn is all acrylic, there’s a nice color section of fuzzy yarn, boucle yarn and the standard varigated looked like a dk weight. Each booklet is a different color and the needles correspond to the book colors. Only the green needles were aluminum the blue, orange and purple (?) were said to be bamboo, but they felt sort of rough to me more like unfinished maple.

It’s definitely worth taking a look see. I got a big smile seeing it there!

Well dang!! As if I needed ANOTHER excuse to go back to Target! :lol:

They must have different stock in each store. The needles in the stores I went to were a natural wood (blond) color.

Looks like a trip to Target…

oh please oh please…don’t twist my arm! :lol:

Thanks for the tip…need to go today anyway!

Which sewing machine did you guys get from Target??? I have been putting off buying one for a while but I am always tempted when I see them there.

yep, its true…just got back from target and they do have yarn in the dollar section!!! :happydance:

They only had this one in different colors and another soft fuzzy one that I did like, but didn’t seem like as good a deal. The fuzzy was something like 56 yards and .13 grams for $1.00…somewhat comparable to “regularly” priced fuzzy yarn. I don’t know if fuzzy is quite right…kind of like fur…similar to the baby booties by carmell in the finished items thread.

This one is called “funky fringe yarn” and has 29.4 grams/1 oz. 90 yards, 100% polyester and it suggests size 13 needles, which of course I already have but had to buy a pair since they were only $1.00. I’m almost positive it will become a scarf since I don’t think it is very appropriate for anything else. OOOh…maybe carry with a different yarn???

and notice the cute Italian dishtowels :slight_smile:

I did a review on my site of the yarn. Didn’t include colors, which I will fix soon if I can get away from the kiddo’s to go over there. :lol:

Yes, they do have different stocks at different Targets. I was in Target in my hometown this weekend and they had a smaller amount of the yarn and only the bamboo needles in two colors. Then, I went into Target here in Madison, WI and they had a larger selection of yarn and more colors of the bamboo needles, but only bamboo, no metal.

I liked the feel of the boucle and the fur, they were pretty soft, but I walked away with only two pairs of needles. I got the feeling that they would be nice to use every once in a while, but they would not last long. I also don’t think the yarn supply will last long once people find out they have it.

yarnmommy…wow you must have a most awesome target. Mine didn’t have nearly that selection. Like the new site, BTW.

I tried the needles last night just for fun…UGH! They don’t slide at all. I think they need a good coat of furniture wax or maybe a spray polyurethane coating. For the price though, I think you could figure out something to make them slippery and workable.

Getting off work early is dangerous…I always end up going shopping! So I stopped by the fancy-schmancy target here, and they had a ton of yarn in the $1 bin! Looked like barely anyone had bought it. I got some of the boucle yarn–very very soft! Other stuff was so-so, but if you’re in to fun fur and novelty yarns then it’s a pretty good deal!

Also had to get some shoes and a watch…I can’t control myself there! :oops: But always good when you can get shoes, a watch, yarn, and toys for your nephews for under $45! :thumbsup: