GREAT quick & easy gift for a knitter

Truly a gift a knitter would appreciate! Especially ME!

or me! Love those.

NOoo, me!

No! I need these to look fashionable on my mail route! :smiley:

LOL! Swap?

Hey–they add a lot of class AND a lot of warmth!! Very Very cool…or hot…well, you know! :inlove:

Oh yeah, those were the 1st pattern I had a good look @ on the new knitty… :heart: it :wink:

Not to mention, if you wear them, it looks like you’re wearing a hand knit sweater! As long as you don’t take off your jacket, no one will be the wiser! :roflhard:

Wise you are :thumbsup:

Why, thank you!

They ARE gorgeous… Great for that luxury yarn that seems too exxy for a WHOLE sweater… :smiley:

May have to make myself a pair for next winter…

(Being on the other side of the world gives me time to make them… lol)

hehe, Tia. I like the green pair the best, and I usually don’t even like green!

They are so delicate and pretty.