Great prices on needles!

You gotta check out this seller on ebay, Your Wonderland (Jeff.Wonderland) I just got size 2, 24" Addi turbo circs for $6 plus $1.50 shipping from him. :cheering: :happydance: He has awesome prices and 100% positive feedback. I’ve never seen Addi’s lower priced. They scare me but at that price, I’ll give them a try.

This was too good not to share!!!


LOL, I saw that last week! I’m gearing up to list a bunch of stuff on eBay so I have some PayPal $$ to get more Addis. :mrgreen:

(What did I used to spend money on before I started knitting?)

:lol: leather handbags

             the latest shoes

              another pair of jeans


             more handbags

                shall I go on?

P.S. I have a bid in at $22 for two Addis. Kind of a lot (includes shipping) but they are big.

Hey Julie great idea. We’ve been doing “spring cleaning” and I’ve found quite a few items i’d like to put on ebay too, what better way to fund my knitting habit!! :XX: :cheering:

And Victoise—shall we include food in that list? :thinking:

FYI mail carrier stalking will begin Monday!



Are you sure we’re not sisters? :heart:

:happydance: :heart: ha beldy…

you and I are in contact more than my two sisters!


Their loss then. :doh:

Have you heard of or ever been to West Edmonton Mall? :wink:

OOh, I had to take advantage of that. :smiley:

Nope Belderaaaaaaan, I’m on the east coast, New York.
I’m always forgeting where Alberta is… that’s Vancouver way?
Above it? No Edmonton mall for me…

That seller isn’t on ebay! Guess he doesn’t have anything right now.
(I just won FIVE items of handspun yarn from a Maine farm!)
got to cool it, but I want to make an afghan.

we might have bought him out!!! at that good deal…

I think his official ebay name is jeff.wonderland. It took a couple trys to get it…ended up doing an addi turbo search…his has the buy it now option, and he is listed as being from the UK? altho his description said he is sending from Hong Kong…do NOT know my polysci to know any more than THAT!!!

We won’t buy him out. They seem to be drop ship items. This means the manufacturer will ship them out to the buyer directly.

With those prices and only $1.50 shipping, I’ll try to buy him out!!! :cheering: Got a list going for another order already! :thumbsup:

West Edmonton Mall is the world’s largest mall. You’re saying no to that? :??

Alberta is closer to the west coast, beside British Columbia. It is the northern neighbour to Washington, Idaho and Montana.

So when should I pick you up at the airport? :wink:


I don't get on planes anymore!!!!!   ha ha ha

I hate planes! My motherinlaw wants to pay for us to come to Ft. Lauderdale and I WON’T GO! Well, I have cats and stuff. :wink:

That’s a lonnnnnnng way out to your neck of the woods.
I just checked the Edmonton mall site. Wow, that place is enormous.
You must have a lot of fun there!