Great news!

I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geiko…

just kidding :slight_smile: I dont drive.

No, really, I went to the library and I was really hoping that they’d have the books I wanted, and they had some, but one I was not even expecting! Knitting Without Tears! I really wanted to get the knitter’s almanac, but they didnt have any other elizabeth zimmerman books there.

I got the previous, the knitters handy book of patterns, universal yarn finder (guide for yarn substitution), and knitting school-a complete course.

Hurray! Oh ya… I wrote to the library in an email requesting all of elizabeth zimmerman’s books. and I REALLY want that DVD for Christmas- AHH


My library’s collection of knitting books pee-yew stinks! I think I need to put together a proposal for them so that they can improve this area of their collection development. “Listen kids, I’m a librarian, and I knit. Let me help you.” :smiley:

yea, my library didnt have a lot of knitting books, altogether the craft section was alright, but they had more sewing books than anything - a ton of quilting books too.


Hope someone gets you the EZ dvd for Christmas!
And have fun reading through those books…that was a good idea to go to the library. I always forget about it b/c I don’t like the way my school’s reg books are set up and the public librarys are really hard to get a membership to. :frowning:
Which sucks b/c I love reading but don’t really have money to be spending on tons of books.

Our library sucks… It doesn’t even HAVE crafting books :rollseyes:

Just kiddy books and adult books… that’s it :rollseyes:

My library is awful, too…I need to lend them knitting books :shock:!!
Nice score…have fun. I really hope u get the dvd :smiley:

We have three libraries in town and one’s close to me, the other’s close to my boyfriend in the heart of the city’s origin. That’s where we went today. The one near my house has other books that I wanted too, but I’ll wait out on those. The library we went to today had about two bookshelves with 4 rows of craft books on them, I think it couldve been a little more. I know there’s other paper crafts and stuff there too that I wasn’t looking at.

Yea, I keep telling my boyfriend that I want the DVD, but he seems to have other “more important” ideas about Christmas lol. I’ll just keep telling him that’s all I want. It is a more expensive DVD but after reading stuff on here about it, I am really intrigued by it! And the DVD is less expensive than the book!

Can you gals/guys go online to have books put on hold? I do that all the time. Then I get the benefit of the entire county’s books! It only costs a quarter a book so it’s a great deal! I just checked and there are 20 pages of books with “knitting” somewhere in the title or topic or something. :shock: Guess what I’m doing!!? :happydance: :roflhard:

hmm…never tried that one before. I gotta look into it.

I just placed 4 books on hold! They will deliver them to my local library and I can pick them up in a couple days. I ordered:

Knitting over the edge
Fabulous felted hand knits
Bags: a knitters dozen
Knitting without tears

I think I can keep them for 3 weeks so that’ll keep me busy! I don’t know if I can copy patterns out of them though… is that okay or frowned on?

well, in our library they have a copier, so I’d assume that it’d be okay.

Be sure to watch out for books you may like at Michaels and AC Moore. I recently got Knitting on the Edge for 40% off at Michaels (better than Amazon’s price and no shipping). I also got the same deal on the popular stitch calender.

I never have that nasty shipping problem at Amazon…it’s just WAY too easy to spend more than $25 to get the free shipping. :roflhard: I will watch Michaels though. Good to know!

yea, I need to keep my eye out at michaels and stuff too, they have a big selection of books.

:rollseyes: Sheesh, I decided to go to the library and see if I could find Knitting over the Edge (I freaked :shock: at the price)… I couldn’t even find the stinking library… :doh: [size=2]grumble grumble wierd little towns in PA grumble gripe[/size]

Well rats… Guess these are popular books. Probably best that I don’t get them all at once anyway. LOL

Knitting over the edge— 5th in line
Fabulous felted hand knits—1st in line
Bags: a knitters dozen—1st in line
Knitting without tears —2nd in line