Great Needle Storage!

I found a great new storage solution for straight needles… it’s cheap, and cute, too!

A friend recently brought us a couple of bottles of wine in the circular cardboard gift-giving-wine-bottle-holders from Target. They’re (obviously) about as tall as a bottle of wine, made from very sturdy thick cardboard, and have a lid that fits on snugly and is attached with two cords. As I was getting ready to put them with the mess of gift bags destined for re-use (yes, I reuse gift bags unabashedly… don’t you?), I noticed that they were the perfect size to hold my ever-growing collection of knitting needles.

Sure enough, they’re perfect. I put all my long (14") straight needles in one of them and left the top open, then put all the 10" or less straights and assorted bundles of dpns (held together with rubber bands) into the other, closed the lid, popped them into my large basket of yarn, where they look semi-decorative. I am so happy not to have needles sticking out of and rolling around the bottom of my basket anymore. They’re much easier to find this way.

And if I need more (or you need some) of those containers, they run somewhere around $5.

Cool! My 14" needles don’t fit in anything. I have an ugly plastic container especially for them from Hobby Lobby but it’s ugly. And plastic. I probably have one of the wine containers. I never thought about using them for needles! I’m going to look around my house and then give my plastic thing away!

Yay! I hope it works for you.

I want to be a little more clear: the 14" needles don’t fit all the way inside at the top, they do stick out a bit. I usually don’t put the lid on that container (makes it easier to see what I’m grabbing), but it could go on, and just not slide all the way down/closed.

I think I can go you one better than ugly plastic. I use paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes that I have added cardboard bottoms to. Maybe if I decorated them?:stuck_out_tongue:

What a great idea! Mine are just thrown into the bottom of my big knitting bag, then I have to empty everything to find the ones I need. I think I’ll have to swing by Target…

I use the vase the flowers came in, they have all different sizes and shapes, most have wide mouths, and wide enough bases
U can use those pretty but annoying glass pebbles, or seashells if you have a few really long ones


I took an old narrow plastic pasta holder, covered it with pretty wrapping paper that matches my craft ‘area’ and covered that with clear Contact paper. I don’t have many straight needles anymore, but the ones I do have rest in a pretty container.

I’ve also used an old house plant container, but needed it for a plant.

Well, this is a creative bunch!

Hey, it occurs to me to wonder if anyone’s ever knitted a needle holder. Bet someone has. It wouldn’t be too much different from the felted yoga mat holders I’ve seen lots of patterns for, and I’ve got to say, I’d use it more than I use my yoga mat!

I’ve thought about making one and felting it (I am becoming a felting fiend). I think a roll one that ties would be cute.

There a design for one in

I bought my wine bottle holders from Michaels about two years ago. They are great to use for needles. I also use the Tin Vases now for the Needles I don’t use they make them a center of attention.
I found this Idea from a blog can’t remember which one now. Any way he used a big three ring binder for his circular needles. So I went out and bought them a BJ’s with the clear folders. I put the size on the clear folder and popped in the needle. These are the odd ball circular I bought before Options came along. It works great. Just another suggestion on how to put away our needles. I recently got some folders that have a little flap on top so the papers don’t fall out. So now the really old ones don’t fall out. Oh I also put in my older dpn’s in the binder.
Sorry for a long post just thought these also were good ideas.

:waving: - 3rd one up from the bottom or direact to pdf file here:

Here’s the ‘quiver’ designed by Cat Bordhi.

After cutting the legs off a ratty old pair of jeans, I sewed one shut on the bottom, sewed a casing for a cord around the top. I’ve had it since 1984 and it still serves me beautifully for all of my needles, long and short! :smiley:

I made a needle/crochet hook holder from some fabric and a ribbon or close it. It rolls up and fits nicely in my knitting bag. I bought a case for my 14" at Hancock Fabric when I first started knitting.

good idea, thanks!

I sewed a needle holder book a year or so ago. 1st “page” has pockets for the straight needles, next is pockes for dpns and crochet hooks, next page is for circulars and a pocket with a button for yarn needles and such. There there are two blank pages to expand my collection. I can close the book and fold it in half, everything stay right in place as long as I don’t turn it upside down.