Great Mornings

I had a great morning! :happydance:
The odd part about that is…it started at the dentist’s office. Not ever the most fun place to go, but I love my dentist and all the staff…they’re just great. Everyone is ALWAYS nice, fun and helpful and they go the extra mile…but that’s not the point…

I always try to get an early appointment because the office is right down the street from me, and I can just go on the way to work so I take less time off.

Anyway…I thought my appointment was at 8, but it was at 9. So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside to make a phone call. They have 2 white rocking chairs on the front “porch” so I sat outside in beautiful weather (cool and clear with the sun shining) finished my call, took out my knitting (never leave home without it anymore) and just knitted, rocked and drank my coffe for 45 minutes. What a great way to start the morning…unplanned relaxation…at the dentists!

Hope the rest of your day was just as relaxing!
Reminds me I need to go buy coffee and creamer, I’m about out!

And it reminds me that I’m passed due to get my teeth cleaned.
Wish my dentist had rocking chairs out front… Maybe I’ll mention it to him.

That IS a great morning!


What a fantastic start to the day!

It’s the knitting! :happydance:

desk business card holders

Serendipity! It all comes down to taking time out to relax because we’re always so busy. I remember one of the best times I’ve had was when I locked my keys in the car at a store which I had RUSHED to in order to shop for cabinet handles for our new house.

After the bonehead move of locking keys in the car, I HAD to sit and wait for a couple of hours for auto assistance to come get my keys out of the locked car’s ignition…in the meantime I had a relaxing time to myself drinking coffee in the large store’s shop while perusing all their decorating books. This was before I knitted, so I didn’t get any knitting done, but I still remember that break fondly!

I think we need to remember to take time out (away from phones and computers especially) often to enjoy the simpler things in life!