Great Lakes Fibre Festival

Has anyone ever been to this one? (Wooster, OH) I have never been to a fibre festival… what can I expect?


I haven’t been to that one, but I have been to a similar festival. The one I went to recently had several vendor booths selling all sorts of fibery goodness and often hand knit or crochet items. It was kind of like having a bunch of yarn and roving stores under one roof. The fair also had sheep sheering demonstrations, working dog demos, animals for sale (like angora bunnies, sheep, alpacas, etc). And of course carnival food. They also had classes and stuff, but I didn’t sign up for any of those. My friend and I just wandered around and around deciding what delicious roving to buy. A lot of fun :thumbsup:

I have not been to one either…yet. But I am told they have them near me in the Fall, my favorite time of year. :cheering: So God willing, I am planning on attending one then.