Great Knitting Book?

I got a giftcertificate for Xmas to buy a knitting book.
I was just wondering if anyone know’s of any good knitting books?
I dont need a book that teaches me how to book. I would like a book with great patterns? any suggestions?

Really useful is “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.” It’s great because instead of locking you into one kind of yarn per pattern, it gives variations on all its patterns based on the gauge you get with your yarn. It can be sort of laborious to make your way through the resulting patterns, but you get to feel some freedom to create your own patterns.

To go along with it, one of Barbara Walker’s stitch pattern books would be useful.

Also: Anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann is worthwhile, although she isn’t so much a giver of patterns as a suggester of methods.

I just recieved Knit 2 together by Tracey Ullman… Yes, the british comedian and she partnered with a lady that runs a local yarn shop. Funny anecdotes and great patterns.

Also I recommend The Knitter’s Handy Bookof Patterns by Ann Budd - it has tons of patterns in all sizes included, I found it recommended in the back of the above book and found it at my local Barnes and Noble and had to have it!!

Hope this helps!

Just FYI, there are two “handy” books by Budd – one’s a general one with all the basics (hats, scarves, etc. in additon to sweaters), and the other is devoted to a greater variety of sweater patterns.