Great Knitting Accessory

While knitting with small needles I have a problem poking myself from time to time. :cry:

I remembered that I have peel and stick quilting thimbles. I tried them and they work great. I had no problem with them interfering with the yarn while knitting. Best of all though I did not poke the needle tip into my finger again.

I don’t know the name brand, but they are small oval, clear, peel and stick pads that you stick onto your finger. There on 32 per sheet.

They can be found in most fabric stores: Hobby Lobby, Hancock’s and I’m sure others, and probably the Wal-Mart’s that still have the larger craft departments.

Cool! Glad you found something that worked!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Blue][B]WOW![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] I gotta look for these! My Knit Picks NP Options hurt me from time to time, depending on what I’m knitting, I push off with my fingertip! [COLOR=Red][B]Ouch! [/B][/COLOR] I’ve been using band-aids! They do kinda annoy me, and affect my knitting a little!

Thanks for sharing this info! :yay:You’re a peach!

These little pads can be reused too. I am still using the same one from two days ago. I just stick it back on the backing sheet when I’m finished with it.

I’ve tried other types of thimbles and bandaids too, and like you Artlady, they are more a bother after a while than a help.

I have to run errands today…and I’m stopping by my JOANN’S…I hope they have the little stick-on quilter’s thimbles!

If I can’t find them there, when I get back from the mountains (leaving in the morning) I’ll run over to Southcenter Mall area and check out the JOANN’S ETC! They are much larger, the “ETC” Joann’s!

I think these little doo-dads should be in every knitter’s bag! So many knitter’s complain about the sore finger from pushing off! Especially with KP nickel plated OPTIONS. Sometimes, that’s why I revert back to my Addis, even tho the OPTIONS work best for what I’m knitting.

Some yarns are stickier than others and it requires finger pushing so these would be really handy! I’ll look for them! Thanks!

Is it one of these?

I like the suede dots better than the stainless steel dots!
I’m ordering these as soon as I get back from the mountains!

I am with you Artlady I am also going to buy some. My poor fingers are killing me. Using the size 1 for my socks I have poked my fingers till the bleed. I go through a lot of bandaids :teehee:

The ones I have are most like the third link you list. I don’t remember the name because they are no longer with the package they came in. They were given to me.

The first two links that you list have a stainless or suede pad. They are not the ones I’m talking about.

The ones I use are clear flexible pads. They cover your finger well, but at the same time you can feel the needle and yarn with out poking a hole in your finger.

I hope you all can find them. I believe you’ll enjoy them. They sure do make my knitting with the smaller Options needles a pleasure. Sore fingers hurt, especially when you repeatedly poke the same hole over and over. OUCH!

Here is a link with the type I am talking about.

I push off with my finger and turned to my thimbles. It took a while but I got used to using a thimble and now I don’t poke holes in my fingers and they don’t hurt anymore. I wished I had those before but my thimbles are fine.

I’ve never heard of these before. They would help me out with my hand quilting too. Thanks for posting them.