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I am knitting a baby sweater. I am at the collar stage. It tells me to pick up and knit 55 stitches from the neck edge including sts from the st holders. I want to know if I need to include the 6 stitches on each side in the 55 or are they additional


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What is the name of the pattern please?
If it says " 55 stitches from the neck edge including sts from the st holders" then it sounds like the 55sts are the total number including the neck and holders.


It is called zbouncing Baby Layette by Uyvonne Bigham.
I figured it out.

I am at another puzzle though.

I am doing sleeves and it calls for 30 stitches.

Knit 5 rows. Change needles to no 7and cable & ribbon pat.

This is what I dont get.

(Inc 1st each side of the next and every 6th, 8th, 10th row) 5 times.

The sleeve is supposed to be 7 1/2 inches. The pattern is 32 rows.

At row 19 I repeat rows 3-8 at which I would be increasing rows 6 and 8 but would have to wait for the pattern to finish to do 10. That is only two times.

Can you please explain the sequence to me.


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The pattern comes in several sizes and I wonder if the instructions should be something like:
Inc 1st each side of the next and every 6th, (8th, 10th row) 5 times.

The 6th, 8th and 10th would refer to different sizes. Given the row gauge of 26 rows/4", you have about 50 rows in 7.5" so that would fit.
Which size are you making, Newborn, 6-9 months, 12-18 months?


I am doing the middle 132 stitches


I just got it. I am supposed to increase on every 8th row 5 times. Thank you for clarifying. Thankfully I stopped on row 13. It means undoing to the beginning. Used to it. I tend to take challenging projects. Did three afghans andnow doing sets. Have a great grandson who is 6 weeksold a great granddaughter being born in may and have great grand nie e who is also 6 weeks old.


Oh, good. Yes,increase every 8th row.
Wow, triple congratulations on all the new babies! That’s wonderful news. You are one happy and busy knitter.


I am k knitting booties and the instructions are not near the same as the instructions on the videos I searched.
Divide for Instep
Row1. K 14 (my size) turn.

Mark this row.
Row 2 P 7, turn, sl remaining sts on holder.
Work even in St. st on 7 stitches only until instep measures 1 1/2 inches ending with a purl row. Cut yarn, sl st to holder.
When I turn and purl I am purlung the 7 stitches from the 14 stitches that leaves me with 7 remaining which I put on the stitch holder. The yarn is attached timo the middle 7 stitches which I am to knit up to 1 1/2 inches.
Is this correct. There is no instruction to twist the work as other videos suggest.


You’ve got it. You’ll have 7sts on each side and 7sts up the middle for the instep. Work on those middle 7 for 1 1/2".