Great eBay purchase--what to make?

I got 4 50 gram balls of Debbie Bliss cotton angora–burgundy color–at 86 yds. per ball worsted weight! Now, this has got to be really soft!! But it’s a dark, fall and winter color–so i guess it’s gonnna have to be a scarf or hat, but has anyone got any other ideas ?? It’s usually $7.99 a skein, and I got 4 for $8.45 + $4 to ship!! I’m thinkin it’s my best yarn purchase ever, although i got 4 Noro Silk Gardens–same dyelot for less than $8 per skein!! I really recommend eBay for yarn shopping. The only timeI’ve been disappointed was when I got some"Mohair" that turned out to be a cone of 100% NYLON!! Not my idea of Mohair, really–it was misleading and I’d like to broadcast it all over eBay but I’ve forgotten who I got it from !!

:happydance: That’s a great deal!

4 balls, hm, how about 2 pairs of socks ? :roflhard:

What about some long gloves. or, a big fluffy shawl

How about Fetching from the new Knitty?

I bet that yarn would make a lovely pair of fingerless gloves.

I am knitting with cotton angora right now! Its great!

I would suggest knitting something from Tahki Summer 2006. You could do a tank if you are a small size.

HmmmmI wonder if it would make a good scarf?? It’s cotton angora–it seems like it’d be soft around the neck, and some people can’t stand wool…so I’m thinking of a scarf…and maybe, would it make a good chemo cap if I have enough left over? :thinking:

It was a great deal! I check all the yarns lately on eBay, although I won’t be checking it for awhile again! i’ve spent my allowance for now!! But I’ll enjoy this. I like to use different sorts of yarns, and I love KnitPick, but that isn’t really the “name” brands that I hear people talking about here-so I flirt a bit with it on the auctions. I just have to make my mind up about where to stop bidding–because it’s easy to get caught up in the wars of biddding! (Veeerrrryyy!!) And you have to check people on their shipping–'cause some like to overcharge a bit. That’s why I think I wouldn’t be a good seller–I wouldn’t want to go to the post office every other day!! :wink: