Great Canadian North Mitties

Well, the Canadian North is great, but I’d say that the mitts are functional but not great. They’re uneven, sloppy and I didn’t measure the lining. However, the purpose for these mitts is to keep her hands warm while going from the car to the grocery store and little stuff like that. They are easy to slip on as well, because my girl fights me a lot when I put on any item of clothing. I have heavy duty mitts (for going out tobagganing long term cold) that go up to her elbows, but I wanted something for quicker outings.

I don’t know what kind of yarn it’s from. My friend gave me a big bag of yarn a couple years ago and the yarn for these mitts was a leftover ball of scrap yarn. Knowing my friend though, it’s probably mostly or natural animal fiber. It has some fuzz to it, so I’m guessing there is some angora in it.

I mostly followed this pattern from Knitmeister. I used different needle sizes and added extra stitches. The lining is from an old, but very good quality, sheet.

Not the most crafty person, I’m the type of person that would rather buy mitts than make them, but I couldn’t find anything that was the right fit and the right colour. Anyway, overall I like them and can’t wait to try them out.

looks great. would never have thought to put a lining into mittens. is that to keep them extra warm. nice colour.

Kids can be funny about stuff like that. :lol: They are really cute though!

Those are really cute. I love the lining, also.

We’ve had some pretty windy days that have felt bitterly cold already, so the liner is to help block the wind on those kinds of days. It’s not cold enough to bring out the heavy duty mitts, but certainly cold enough to want something toasty warm on her little hands. Btw, these are for my little girl who will be a year old in January.

:happydance: they look great!!

Very nice. You did a good job with them.

Those look cute. Nice job. And I like the lining idea too.