Great Big Hug from a Thankful Citizen

I was getting caught up on a few of my normal blogs and I noticed a post on The Daily Knitter about a charity project she came up with.

Her post about it is here (go ahead, I’ll wait :lol: )

Anyway, I just sent her an email yesterday asking for more details. I have two manly scarves already knit up and just waiting to be sent to a good home. It sounds like a good cause to me!

I’ll post an update as soon as I get any more details.

What a great charity… I’m promising to send 2 scarves…

I emailed her today…

Thanks for the opportunity!

I emailed her & heard back…I’m going to try to get two finished by the end of August.

You heard back? I haven’t yet. Can you share the details here or just PM me with them? Thanks!

Basically, they need scarves that don’t look patriotic (no red, white & blue, stars & stripes, etc.) so they can blend in better with the local population when off-post. She needs them by the end of August. I’ll go back into my email to get you the address.

Thank you! Thank you!

My scarves will definitely work then.

I would love to do this! I have sent her an e-mail -

Thanks for sharing the information :slight_smile:

I finished my 2 scarves… They will be mailed out this week…Thanks for finding this great opportunity!

That’s great! I’m trudging away on my one - do you have pics to share?

I actually have a picture. These are the two that I mailed out.

Lovely! I haven’t tackled cables, yet - your work is beautiful!

Those are beautiful scarves. :heart:

I’d love to participate in this, but I’m a slow knitter, and am already signed up for a dishcloth swap on another board, with a deadline zooming at me. :???:

I’m going to dig through my fo’s and see if I have any scarves that could work for this. If I do, I’ll e-mail the nice lady. Thanks for sharing this with us. :thumbsup:

I am Judy Housley - the originator of this project. I must apologize that I never received your email. Please try again.

Motherhenknits - I need your email to thank you for the beautiful scarves! also to put on the card so the soldier can thank you.

Congratulations Judy on the work you do and the project you’ve undertaken. It’s wonderful folks here, already many involved in charity projects, are always so willing to consider more. Bless you and your project and the service personnel receiving the items.

Judy! I’m actually MotherHenKnits! I’m so glad that you got the scarves!

My yahoo email address is Suziehomemaker AT yahoo DOT com and that’s my name here but out in blog land and on Ravelry I’m MotherHenKnits. Sorry for the confusion.

I really hope the guys like the scarves I made. I knit them up just for fun and I was saving them for a time when I had a special recipient. I’m so happy that I found your blog post! How many scarves do you have so far?

Someone suggested that I post how many scarves have been collected so far. [COLOR=“Blue”]That number is 160+ !! [/COLOR]We are still collecting and will be until early September. Thank you to all who have contributed. Judy

That’s awesome! It’s amazing to think that one blog post was able to get so much done!

I have finished my scarf and it will be on its way soon! The colors don’t show that well in the picture, but it is a varigated blue/brown combination.

Judy - thanks so much for coordinating this!!

Actually, it started with an email to a few friends who sent it to their friends, and so on. Then people saw my crocheting and knitting. I posted to one knitting blog (at the time, couldn’t find crocheting blogs). We got picked up and I think are we’re on 3 or 4 blogs! Word of mouth and the internet - it’s awesome!

I should have a picture of some of the scarves to post soon. Keep watching for it. You’ll love it.

The scarves look beautiful. The men will love them.

Sandy in N.Z.