Great big buttonholes

Hi peeps, I’m hoping someone can kind of sort me out with this…

My buttonholes keep being too big. :?? I mean, eyelet ones are fine - it’s just when it’s cast off\cast on type ones, the cast-on edge is always too loose. And I always think it’ll do fine, until I finish and realise there’s no way it’ll stay put on a wriggly toddler. I’ve got a cardigan for a girl and a coat for a boy at the moment, both with buttons that won’t stay closed. The cardigan’s not so bad but the heart-shaped glittery buttons :inlove: kind of don’t help the situation - the jacket really needs something doing before I give it to my cousin, though.

Can anyone give me advice on A) fixing the ones I’ve already done and B) getting it right next time, please?

:figureditout: …Maybe next time I’ll do something with a zipper.

With matching yarn (or embroidery thread) you can stitch the end(s) of the bh to make the opening smaller. (You can also work the entire bh edge using bh stitch.) When doing bh’s it’s often helpful to make them on your swatch first, work the intended button thru the opening several times to see how quickly it enlarges. Always best to opt for too small as they’ll usually stretch in short order.

When you do your CO…you’re doing the cable CO?..make sure the sts are snug. Are you doing the one-row bh? I do one-row and have not had a problem with much stretching.


I was going to suggest the same as cam - using matching thread to close up the ends of your buttonholes a little.

Otherwise, replace the existing buttons with larger ones?

I always do the one row buttonhole, which I find far far better than the 2 row version. The very best one I’ve found is -

Try a couple on a small swatch. Where the instructions say -
[COLOR=“Magenta”]Pass the first slipped stitch over the second slipped stitch and off the needle. Repeat until you have bound off the number of required stitches for the buttonhole. [/COLOR]

  • I usually bind off 3 stitches, so that when I turn my work and have to cast on the same number + 1, I cast on 4 stitches.

Using DK yarn (sportweight?) this works for my tension and the size buttons I like to use, but by doing a swatch for, say, a 2st bind off/3st cast on, a 3st bind off/4st cast on, and a 4st bind off/5st cast on, you’ll get a good idea of the size buttonholes you’ll be making.