Great American Aran Afghan help

I am knitting the GAAA and have done 6 squares so far and not had any trouble understanding the pattern. I am now knitting Georgia Vincent’s square on Page 26. Row 20: K1,[k6, (sl 1 to cn. Wrap yarn 4x counter-clockwise around this st. Sl st to right needle, k5) …as I was typing this I think the light went on in the brain. Does it mean you knit each wrapped stitch?

Sounds like you wrap the yarn 4 times like a little scarf around the st on the cable needle and then slip that st without knitting it to the righthand needle, knit the next 5sts.
What does the entire row look like?

Thanks, it turns out like little bobbles, and what you said about knitting the wrapped stitches makes sense. Thank you

hi, i’m doing the gaaa, and having a problem with the one from georgia vincent. on page 26. on row 20… it says to ki, (k6, (k 1st wrapping yarn 5 times around needle, k5. i understand this. but then i look over to the side of the pattern and it has like a little bow ( that is what i call it) and it says to sl 1 to cn and wrap yarn 4x counterclockwise around this stitch sl st to rh needle. so are these the same directions or are they two different ways? thanks for all the help i also look up on erratta to see if there was a change but i see none

The first directions you quote are different from the earlier post. The directions in the little bow (sl 1 to cn and wrap yarn 4x counterclockwise around this stitch sl st to rh needle) seem to apply to that earlier post too.
For your directions [ki, (k6, (k 1st wrapping yarn 5 times around needle, k5] you do a stitch that is like the usual knit st but instead of wrapping the yarn once around the needle, you wrap 5 times around.

thank you, i had to read the direction again and now i’m all set on that row. if you would be so kind to answer the next question on the next row it says to k5, k5together am i putting my needle in the 4 wrapped ones and the one on the needle? that would make 5 sts and when i count to see it comes out right. believe me this is one hard square but fun to do. thanks again

That’s right. This is the row after this one, right?
"ki, (k6, (k 1st wrapping yarn 5 times around needle, k5"
So you’ve actually taken one st and wrapped the yarn 5 times. On the next row, you’ll take the 5 sts (wraps) and knit them together to make one st. It’ll bring your stitch count back down to the original number.