Great American Aran Afgan - fish square

The designer of this square is Janet Martin

One of the ladies in our guild is getting married … she is 70 he is 68 … we are each doing a square to be put together as a wedding gift. Well … I can’t get past the first 10 stitches !!!

*1/1 LPC,p2, 1/1 RPC; rep from *

So, I know what all that means… but for the life of me I can not figure out how to do a one stitch left and right PURL cable. I have watched Amy’s cable video a zillion times, I have done the picture instructions in the book a trazillion times and all I get is a MESS.

Can someone either tell me in words or direct me to some pictures of one stitch purl cables ???

Has anyone made this square before ?

So is it that you put the stitch on the cable, hold it front (or back) and just prul it off the cable needle? :??

I believe a lpc would be that you slip a stitch to the cable needle and hold it in front. Purl the next stitch and then knit the stitch from the cable needle.

rpc would be to hold the stitch in back, knit the next stitch and the purl the stitch from the cable needle.

The background is purl and the cable is knit … the instructions I am trying to follow do not use a cable needle … they have a picture and say …

Slip first st on LH needle and K2nd st then k first st; sl both sts off needle … BUT … these instructions and pictures (they are in the book) 1/1RC … no P in there at all … so do you think the p is because you purl after you knit the 1 stitch cable ? I am so confused!

(the square is turned, the left hand side is the bottom… I am trying to do the “net” looking cables all around the fish )

so he likes older women, huh? :teehee:
i just love stories like that. my grandparents live in a retirement community that has completely independent cottages and apartments, assisted living, and an alzheimers unit. they live in a cottage. it seems live almost every time i go visit them (which is quite often), there’s rumors of another brand new couple. they’ve had several weddings over the last few years. i think there must be something in the water! :roflhard:

i absolutely love that square! i wish i could help you with your question, but that’s a little beyond me for now. but i would love to see a picture of the whole afghan when it’s done!

GOOD LUCK!!! :hug:

I just looked up a few patterns with 1/1 LPC or RPC and they all describe it as Ingrid wrote:

1/1 RPC: Sl 1 st to cn and hold to back, k 1, p 1 from cn.

1/1 LPC: Sl 1 st to cn and hold to front, p 1, k 1 from cn

The directions you included for an RC or LC are for a knit cable, so you can’t really follow that.

Since it’s just two stitches, I think that you can do it without the cable needle, but I would purl the stitches for the background and knit the ‘traveling’ stitch, the way it’s been described. You’ll get what the picture has.