Great American Afghan Ginger Smith Pattern HELP!

Working on my last square of the GAA and can’t figure out the pattern which is worked in strips by picking up and knitting. I know how to pick up and knit but not without breaking yarn. Has anyone worked this square?

After casting on 59 sts and working 3 ridges to 69 sts, begin Chart A with 15 sts. Rem 54 sts on holder. Work Chart A 7 times, then pm and with RS facing, pick up and k37 sts along left edge of column.

Which needle do I use to pick up the stitches? I’m using circular. And when I try it, the 3 ridges of rem 54 sts curl around, becoming part of the next column. WRONG!

If anyone knows of an online tutorial that might help me sort it out, please! I’ve gotten thru more difficult ones but this one makes me crazy. Maybe because it’s my last.

Congratulations for getting almost to the end. This is a gorgeous pattern.
I don’t have this pattern but it sounds like you should end chart A with the working yarn at the left edge of your chart with the working yarn coming off the end of the right needle. Use the working yarn to pick up down the left side of the 15stitch column.
Does that make sense with the pattern and where it’s going next?

ETA: Aha, I just noticed the title of your post and I did find a video tutorial from Ginger Smith! Watch the 13.30 minute point for picking up sts.

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Thank you so much for your time and effort to help me! Will try this out
in the next cpl days. It looks right to me but looks like what I tried and
it didn’t work so well.

Let us know how it goes.

Don’t know how I missed your additional info of the video for all these months! I searched for Ginger Smith pattern and never found anything. Again, thanks so much for your time. :slight_smile:

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