Great Amer. Aran Afghan/ Sumner square ques

This question is directed at anyone who has worked on the Great American Aran Afghan project. It’s in regards to the Judy Sumner square.

That square has vines, a spiderweb, a spider, and bugs.

My question focuses on the bugs: I’ve tried several test swatches, knitting the bugs and they never look right. The directions are simple, so I don’t THINK I’m doing it wrong (but who knows). They come out looking like crosses, blobs of yarn, bobbles, etc. But not like the bugs-with-wings they’re supposed to look like.

I honestly can’t imagine anyone looking at the square and saying “Oh, look! Bugs!” If it were me, I’d be saying “What are those weird things messing up the pattern?”

I like the concept of the bugs on the pattern for the whimsy factor, but only if they’re recognizable.

Anyone have any experience with this and suggestions on how to make them look like bugs? Right now I’m tempted to do the square and just leave the bugs off.

Vic (Scubasinger)
a currently ‘bugged’ male knitter

I have to admit, I left the bugs off when I did this square…decided it looked fine without them!!!