Graph trouble

I purchased Big Needle Knitting, Bobbie Matela is the editor.

There is a pattern Bright and Cheery Baby Set…I am doing 6 months size…
Cast on 40 add 10 = 50 Stitches…but, the graph I have no idea where to start it and end it. also, the repeat,how many times …
Referring to chart on page 53, beg and end as indicated for chosen size, work even in cable pat. until back is 6 1/2 inches.
mark each end st. for underarm. continue to work in established pat until back measures. 11 inches.
I will try to send the graph…

the very few charts I’ve used, I start at the lower right hand corner and go to the left. the next row, start at the right side again.

hth :hug:

For charts start at lower right corner and go to the left for the first row. 2nd row goes left to right when you’re knitting flat, but also right to left knitting in the round. The chart is what the pattern looks like from the RS, so when you knit flat on the WS, it goes opposite.

There are lines to indicate where you should start for your garment and size, and usually where to end. I can’t see it well enough to tell you exactly where.

The chart has the row numbers at the beginning of the line – so rows 1 and 3 start on the right and go left, 2 and 4 start left and go right.