Graph knitting patterns - help!

Hi all. Hope I can explain my question properly! Am working a cable knit snood on graph pattern. It only gives me right side instructions. For the basic knit, purl etc it says to do the opposite stitch on wrong side. For the cable stitch it describes different variations in size etc which is fine. But it doesn’t say to do opposite stitch (change knit to purl & vice versa) on wrong side - should I do opposite stitch?

Also, it gives 1 emblem which is slip 1 in pearl but nothing about changing that to slip 1 in knit on wrong side. Should I also do this?

Many thanks

Neddy x

Usually you do the opposite stitch on the wrong side rows as your pattern is telling you. If the cable looks like it’s in stockinette stitch, then yes, purl the cables on the wrong side.

Check and see if there is some direction at the beginning or end of the pattern for the slipped sts. It’s harder to say for the slip st, maybe a knit depending on the pattern.

Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Thank you so much for replying. It’s a V&O pattern called Knitting Pattern Snood.

So, if I put my cable stitches to back on one side and knit, I should put them to front on other side & purl?

Sorry, very confused, not advanced enough I think for graph pattern - need detail at my level!

Thanks again

I could forward you a pdf of the pattern if you have an email address?