Grape Jelly Sweater Set - HELP!

Hello Everyone, I am new and I also need help. I just started the Grape Jelly Sweater Set Pattern from the Bouncing Baby Knit Wardrobe booklet from American School of Needlework. The pattern stitch is called a “Bow Stitch” and guess what, this long time knitter can’t figure t out!
Can somebody help?

Is it the one where you slip some stitches in a previous row on the front of the work and then have to lift up the strands later? I couldn’t find anything doing a quick search. Any chance of a picture what it looks like?

Yes. That is the one. I will try to scan a photo, but you are right about slipping & flipping.

I think it’s the same as Butterfly stitch.

Even if the number of stitches are not the same, this can give you an idea.