Granny's No Square Bag - FO

I’ve finished the Granny’s No Square Bag from “Stitch N’ Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker”. It took me a while to finish, but if I had dedicated a solid day or so to doing it then it would have been done fast… it crochets up really quickly.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice and I forgot to get pics of the lining inside… but here is a quick snapshot at least.

And my little model (who wasn’t very happy when I made him hold a handbag and took photos :rofl:) showing the proportions of it.

The bag looks very cute!! And you’re model is cute too, even if he is unimpressed! :teehee:

Hehehe… Trying to get him to hold it and let me take a photo took some persuasion. :rofl:

He’d just got home from Kindy and had cut his finger, then to make matters worse his mother made him carry a handbag while she took pictures. The poor kid! :roflhard:

Your bag looks great!

That’s a great-looking bag! Good job on your FO. :yay:

Yep, my daughter occasionally gives a “kill me now!” look when I ask her to pose with some of my projects. Kids!


The bag is really nice and your son to quote an expression : “If looks could kill, you would be dead.” He is cute but didn’t want to be your model for the bag. lol:woohoo:

I love it!!!:cheering:

what a fun bag- I like the colors you chose. and your model is so funny- it is a picture you can blackmail him with when he gets older… LOL