Hi everyone!
I want to knit some granny squares, but all I can find is crocheted.
Can anyone tell me if knitting a granny square is possible?

Do you want them to look like crocheted squares?
There is this pattern but the designer suggests that it would be laborious to make a whole blanket with this technique!

There are lots of interesting knitted blanket patterns if you’re not wedded to the granny square look, and you can make them heavier by using a heavier weight yarn.


The blanket “Hue Shift” is made up of knitted squares that are sewn together. And it is totally gorgeous.

Hi Mel61, thanks. Yes, I do want the crocheted look. This pattern will work, thanks. I’m actually wanting to make small bags and eventually maybe a skirt. Thanks for the link!

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Thanks Jahneen, It is gorgeous, just not quite the granny square pattern I’m looking for. I want to use the original old fashion granny square. Thank you for your response. I just might try the blanket too.